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Big Shout out

I have always maintained there is enough pie for everyone – sometimes you just have to get creative about slicing it. Rather than feel put out by competition use it to set your own bar higher and better yourself. It is natural to want to be the best and the way I see it ‘both being good’ is still something to be proud of. I can say that with respect to other bloggers as well as the local papers as there are a lot of great blogs out there right now including the Ambergris Today and San Pedro Sun.

With that in mind – I am sending a Big tacogirl Shout Out to San Pedro Sun and Ambergris Today our two Ambergris Caye news papers.

Right from the get go I have always enjoyed reading both our local papers because they are current event heavy and it is not just hard news but interesting and uplifting reporting. Oddly enough the two papers bear striking resemblance to Eye and Now back at our old home in Toronto right down to physical size and classified ads – one always seems to have more ads than the other. I always enjoy reading them  from cover to cover.

In a way I see the papers as complimentary to each other and even though they report on many of the same things – they each do it in their own way and still have enough article variety between the two – which always keeps me reaching for both at the store.

I have always appreciated their willingness to support my blog and get still get excited when they use my pictures and credit as the source. Two moments in particular stand out in my mind. The first being when Ambergris Today pulled my full blog action day post last year on poverty featuring the Holy Cross feeding program and it made front page news. I see that on the wall every time we go to DandiE’s for frozen custard. The other being more recently when I launched  Beloved Belize writing contest – I was not able to ask the news papers in time if they could print it. Well that week I was reading the San Pedro Sun and saw that they had taken it upon themselves to check my blog and help me get the information out there. Now that’s team work on both their parts.

I have scrapbook going since we moved here with pictures and articles about people we know that made it in the papers. I was sharing it with Lemon crush Lara and Cindy recently and watching them laugh and smile as they flipped through the pages and took a walk down memory lane.

Often find myself thinking I do not know how you both do it – for me running a daily blog and all the behind the scenes stuff that goes along with it is a full time job and while I know you have more staff doing a weekly paper and daily blogs yourself is a lot of work – keeping up with it all deserves a big round of applause.

I would also like to take the opportunity update you on a few things. First to introduce you to a new blog Monel’s Mexican Meanderings – which he and Ruth started since moving from Belize to Playa Del Carmen. Second let you know that Beloved Belize Writing Contest is on Belize time and the deadline has been extended and lastly to thank my loyal readers at 8000 visits a month in low season you are the driving force behind what I do.

Carbunke Trumpet & Elvis reading Ambergris Today Where Did You Read Your SanPedro Sun? Courtesy of Changes in Latitudes

10 thoughts on “Big Shout out

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Love the ‘live blogging’ and the update on Twitter as you feel like you are there (almost).
    Here a lot of restaurants will put daily specials, that would have to be word or mouth.

    Good job and love the new website.

  2. Michele in Playa says:

    The overall marketing power of three well run and well maintained blogs will benefit you all in the long run and contribute the economy of the island as well! Good for you all work working together and supporting each other’s efforts!

  3. Dorian Nunez, Ambergris Today says:

    Thank you very much Laurie for the shout out. As a local and proprietor of the Ambergris Today Newspaper, I try my best to keep the island informed and entertained with most of what is going on in Ambergris Caye. With our motto, “The Newspaper with a Positive Attitude” we try to put a positive spin to all our content, always keeping our island at heart and promoting it with honor and dignity. It is our pleasure to produce our weekly publication, online edition and weekly blog for all of you to enjoy. Big Up to your blog as well.
    🙂 Dorian

  4. Angie says:

    After visiting your blog, I thought you would be very helpful in giving me some tips on my upcoming trip with two of my sisters to Belize. We are not seasoned travelers out of the US but ARE very adventurous and love to have fun. We don’t have any definite plans but would like to see and do as much as we can while still having some relaxation time. We fly in on Oct. 31st for 12 days. Thank you so much for any advice, tips or suggestions. We don’t have any reservations at this time. We are not high maintenance and can roll with the punches.

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