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Live at Lime

tacogirl coming at you live from the Friends of the Humane Society Calendar launch. Lime is packed right now with people wanting to support Saga and buy great new Calendar put out by FOTHS. The Calendar models are busy signing away and people are enjoying the free burgers dogs and beer that come with every purchase. There are also t-shirts available.

It has been a great way to catch up with all our friends in one place – everyone was here. We even saw couple from out of town too – we web cammed with Monel and Bill & Becky so they could come to the party. Paul just handed me a whack of raffle tickets and went off to get our calendar signed. Have to go scope out the prizes in a minute and see what we hope to win.

Thanks goes out from FOTHS to… everyone who donated prizes – helped out at the event – came and showed support and Conch Creative for their fantastic photography.

8 thoughts on “Live at Lime

  1. tacogirl says:

    That is Great you were able to spot them in pics Remo. Too bad I did not get one of your gf too – she is right it was lots of fun. I hope that your work went well and wish you success on your new business.

  2. Remo says:

    Guess what tacogirl?

    I just got off the phone an hour ago and my gf was telling me about how much fun she had at the calendar event.

    In the 7th pic from the top I see her sister and two cousins and in the 9th pic I believe that’s her cousin Estrella (star) with a belikin cup to her mouth near Walter.

    I don’t see my gf in those pics though. Too bad I could not be there but we are opening another business in the city and work kept me from going:(

    Anyway, glad the event turned out well for you all:)

  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Marie I will forward your comment and email along to the FOTHS Gang. So glad you enjoy the blog and cheers for wanting to support a great cause.

  4. marie says:

    Absolutely love Ambergris!!! Have been lucky enough to visit twice in the past 10 years!!! What a blessing. Love to keep up with things thru you Taco Girl . I would also be interested in a t-shirt………..please send or post the address. Thanks much – keep up the excellent work!!!!

  5. tacogirl says:

    Becky the Calendars are $20 bzd and they also have t-shirts available. I will pass along your question and email to FOTHS as they will have an answer for you.

    Ha Ha CBT you would be the one to catch that I was debating if I should post that pic or not but needed set number to do gallery so it did not make the cutting room floor.

    So sorry Maya I am off to fix it now thanks for catching my mistake – I know better likely was doing to many things at once and forgot to finish typing the thought.

  6. Maya says:

    don’t mean to be anal but it’s Conch Creative….. I repeat….
    CONCH CREATIVE …o dear ……..must have been a misspell…..

  7. carbunkle Trumpet says:

    First of all Kudos to Collette and Maya et all for putting together a great calender that I need to get a copy of BTW!

    On the next order of bidness, why is Cindy V sniffing her armpit?

  8. Becky Johnson says:

    Is there an address for us folks not in Paradise (not on Ambergris Caye) can order a calendar? Also how much are they?
    Thanks – Becky

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