September in Belize

Celebrating September in Belize

It’s that time of year again – September Celebrations.

September 21, 2016 marks Belize’s 35th anniversary of becoming an independent country (from Britain), and September 10 is the day it gained independence from Spain in 1798 after winning of the Battle at St. George’s Caye. With two big events in Belize history occurring in the same month, it’s no wonder that many of the approximate 368,000 people of this tiny country celebrate pretty much throughout the month.

This year’s theme is Sovereign and Strong – Together as One.

August 13th at the national song competition, the annual theme was highlighted by Belizean musicians. Belize’s best singers gave their all competing in different categories. The competition celebrates the coming of Belize Independence and highlights the creativity and talent through original songs written by Belizean artists. You will find many of those artists participating in September Parades as well. If you have not attended this event before, mark your calendar for next year.

Belizeans will show their pride throughout the month. Both private citizens and businesses will be decorating their cars, bikes and homes with Belize Flags and our Country colors – blue, white and red.

Belize City
National Song Competition

Here are a few of the many events for 2016 September in Belize:

Belize City

On the 3rd and 4th the Belize Chamber of Commerce presented the 20th annual Expo Belize Market Place, the largest consumer trade show in the country, at the ITVET Campus on Freetown Road. It was a big success. September 17th is the date of the Annual Carnival Road March at noon, featuring The Madd Squad Jouvert Mas Band Paintology in Belize City. This parade is hands down a big party and very easy to get caught up in.

 Carnival Parade Belize City
Annual Carnival Road March taken in 2015

San Pedro

San Pedro’s kickoff event was the Miss San Pedro Coronation on September 4th at the Louis Sylvestre sports complex. The reigning Miss San Pedro, Iris Salguero, crowned Marisa Thompson from six contestants after a night of showcasing their beauty, talent and intellect. Recognition also went to went to first runner-up – Lisandra Novelo; Miss Photogenic – Marleni Diaz; and Miss Congeniality – Karina Requena.

San Pedro Town is also a great place to celebrate on September 21st. The streets and balconies are lined with people watching the big parade through town. Decorated golf carts, flatbed trucks with speaker towers and colorful costumed dancers trailing behind. Afterwards everyone joins in for a big party in Central park.

Try something different this year. Take a mini vacation and travel to a different district so you can see something new for September Celebrations.

September in Belize
Annual Independance Day Parade
September in Belize
Kids love Celebrating September

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