Ambergris Caye Belize

Life-changing Event for Ambergris Caye – San Pedro Lobster Festival

Annually our lobster festival is always a great party. Over the years I have been involved in various degrees to help this event further gain traction. Everything from writing about it to being on the events committee, to getting together with two other island bloggers (that no longer blog) and setting up and decorating a […]

Ruta Maya River Challenge Belize

Go Lunatics – Ruta Maya River Challenge

I am not brave or foolish enough to sign on for a four-day canoe event, that is just not how my tv channel changing body rolls 😀 Thankfully I have known people who are both brave and foolish and sometimes more than once like Cindy and Rubio who did last years race (as you will […]

San Pedro Belize Carnival – A Pause for Reflection

This year the first great Carnival event gave me something different and I can credit San Pedro House of Culture for that. The night took me back through the years not only with San Pedro Belize Carnival history. It also had me reflecting on my life in Belize and past Carnival celebrations. I thought about […]

Half Day Bird Watching Boat Tour Ambergris Caye Belize

Half Day Bird Watching Boat Tour

Recently Lorna McKenzie-Pollock invited my 2-month roommate Heather and I to go birding. Unfortunately, I was on call to help a friend that day. Since some of my readers have been asking about birding options, Lorna happened to be one of them, wanting a unique activity for visiting company. I asked her if she was […]