Hokey in Belize

The Ref Wore Sandals – Hockey in Belize

If you know me well, you know I register pretty low on the scale when it comes to following most sports and although I am Canadian, Hockey is no exception. However, I found myself over the years at my cousin Susan’s games cheering her on from Peewee all the way to Princeton. She was good […]

San Pedro Belize

Q. What Happens When You Goose a Ghost?

A. You get a hand full of sheet 😀 If it were not for the fact that I had friends visiting from California, I could have easily given Halloween a pass this year. I had already missed one of the many parties at Crazy Canucks, but enjoyed seeing pictures on Facebook. A few friends had asked me […]

september in belize

It’s Party Time – September in Belize

The San Pedro Town Council did a great job creating a poster for this year’s September Celebrations in San Pedro. As you can see there are no shortage of events to celebrate the time around Belize’s Birthday on the 21st  – this year the country turns 37.    September in Belize 2018 September 3, Coconut […]

Bimini Start Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament

2nd International Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament

In July 2017 the 1st International Deep Sea Classic Fishing Tournament was held at Grand Caribe and it was a big success. The 2nd annual deep sea classic is on track to be bigger and better. The prizes have increased substantially and more boats have entered. Last year all totaled $44,000 in cash and prizes were […]

Summer Vacation Belize

Officially on Summer Vacation and August Events

Yesterday, after meeting the Reicks for a Coconut Leo house fund donation, my friend Jenna and I made a special trip to Escalante, just past Maria’s new shop – soon to be on Google maps. My trainer Sarah tipped me off that I should catch the last day of a special summer school and help […]