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Canoodling in the sun

Break time is over could not get any pics up of aquafit yet. Class was packed 11 of us in total and we all enjoyed canoodling in the sun.

Off to run an errand for Paul then to town.

Back later.

Went to Estel’s for breakfast then hung out at the cut a bit then came home and went to chill with Chunky and Ruth a bit on the beach.

Cindy just called back from her holiday we will walk over to Catamaran shortly and say hi.

Erin ready for a work out – Not ha ha

Picking up Chunky

Ruthie on bike

Speedy Gonzalez she beat is there

Jo Chunky Erin and I on cart

Ruthie takes the back road and braves the puddles

Eveyone loves maureen’s class

Ruthie aka pool girl

Our superstar teacher Madame Maureen


Waiting for breakfast

Gorgeous day

Ruthie and Joanne

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