ronny's tortillas from corozal belize

The Best Tortilla Chips on Ambergris Caye Come From Corozal Belize

Over the course of almost 8 years living Ambergris Caye and countless potlucks I have taste tested a lot of tortilla chips. While some were better than others I never found any worth praising. That is until I flew to Corozal Belize and Found Ronny’s Tortilla Factory. I liked his chips so much I made sure to find a couple of stores here that would be willing to stock them.

Chips and guacamole, dip or salsa are a fundamental combo, but the ultimate tortilla chip should be able to stand alone. The best tortilla chip should have a taste that stands out leaves you wanting more. They should sturdy but not not to thick or oily, After all no one wants oily fingers or a chip that breaks in bits when you are trying to load it up. The perfect chip should be crunchy and have a firm fresh snap when you bite into it, especially after the bag as been opened. Lastly, they should have a good shape, engineered for scooping a decent amount of guacamole, salsa, or dip.

Ronny fits the bill with his crispy, delicious tortilla chips with really yummy flavors. They come in natural, ajonjoli aka sesame, chipotle, habernero and Garlic with onion and pepper.

If you want to try his tortillas you can find them at Greenhouse on middle street in town or at the Baker south of town. I was pleased to find a big bag of mixed chipotle, habernero and garlic for $10.95 at the Greenhouse the other day. They are perfect with chef Claire’s homemade baba ganouch and humus. Even tacoboy commented how good they are and he is not as much of a tortilla fan. Thanks Ronny for helping me find him a healthier option than the usual chips filled with preservatives.

If you want to find Ronny on Corozal: Rony’s Tortilla Factory is located on #3 3rd Street North. Phone: 402-2410 Cell: 629-1264. Serving up fresh corn tortillas and more, open until 5 p.m.

I found a You Tube video of Tortilla Ronny’s machine in action by Hugh Halsey, He rated them as the best tortillas in all of Belize and said “the locals seem to agree as he has had to purchase a larger machine to meet the demand for his tortillas.”

corozal belize
My Corozal purchase of Ronny’s Chips
ronny's tortillas from corozal belize
3 flavor variety bag sold at Greenhouse

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