One Stop Shopping at Coco Loco’s and Crazy San Pedro Weather

by tacogirl
coco locos beach bar with swim up pool bar

Starting with crazy San Pedro weather, more rain this morning and it was coming down in fast a heavy. The wind also shifting, making me have to change which windows were open, 3 different angles within the hour. The first rain we had was coming from the north which did not last long. Then it started pouring again coming from the south and hitting the front of our house, shortly after it started pelting against the east windows long enough to make a big puddle and now it is back to the south again. Lastly it was drenching us from the west and sadly did not look like it was going stop any time soon. The weather is definitely deterred us from our breakfast plans at Estel’s, thankfully Cindy Andy and Tinker were willing to brave the rain and get us take out to feed my weekly Charles barbecue pork shop addiction. Paul decided to opt for a steak sandwich.

Onto Coco Loco’s beach bar. Since I was already across the bridge for work yesterday, I decided to stay north and head to Coco Loco’s for 2:00pm live music with Deanna Dove. When I arrived I could hear her playing as I parked the cart and knew I was in for a treat. Her sound is very earthy with a mix of rock, pop, alternative country and she has a great sense of humor. She was very personable and she really engaged with her audience making the show very entertaining and fun.

While at the bar Jose pulled up to the seawall with a kayak full of fresh fish, lobster and conch. His prices are good, he charges about $10 bzd a lobster tail, I don’t know how much the snapper or conch were but I am sure it was reasonable. 1/4 of the bar went over to check out his catch, many of the Coco Loco’s regulars were ready to shop. Raul stops there almost daily and Sue, Steve or Marlon, are willing to fridge your seafood purchases till you are done drinking at the bar.

Next came the coconut water, see what I mean about one stop shopping 🙂  2 guys on bikes had 8 gallons of coconut water for sale, I did not take a picture of them as my camera was shooting a video at the time. They did alright with the crowd and I was very happy to score a gallon, so was Ecky. He decided to try it based on my recommendation that it goes well with Rum and Cranberry and makes delicious ice cubes.

Tip: if you buy coconut water with added coconut meat it does not last quite as long as plane coconut water.

coco locos beach bar with swim up pool bar

Enjoying the swim up pool bar

island girl deanna dove playing at coco locos beach bar

Island Girl Deanna Dove

coco loco's beach bar belize

Coco Loco’s beach bar

north ambergris caye

Raul puling up to the seawall

red snapper belize

Big red snapper

belize fish

Kayak full of fresh seafood

fishing in belize

Fresh lobster tails

coco locos beach bar

Everyone going to shop or check out the days catch

coco locos beach bar north ambergris caye

Love bar shopping my gallon of fresh coconut water

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