Sailing Program for Children with Special Needs

Innovative Belize Sailing Program for Special Needs Children

On August 14, 2015, the San Pedro Sailing Club, with the help of equipment provided by the Belize Sailing School, was proud and excited to host the first Special Needs Sail Training session with Andrew, one of the many special needs children in San Pedro. Andy Milner, Director of Training for the Sailing Club said “when Lara Goldman from Camp Starfish approached us about starting such a program, I was instantly ‘on board’ with this incredible initiative”.

The Belize Sailing School grew out of the San Pedro Sailing Club’s intention to help bring the world of sailing to the children of San Pedro, which would often be financially out of reach. The goal was to instill in the children the principles of sailing that will provide them with global opportunities not only within the sailing community but in life in general. “Sailing is universal, the skills transcend not only to just sailing, and if we can help teach these kids some useful skills, well, then we have reached our goal”.

Once Andy and Lara realized that it was possible to work with Special Needs children with sailing, Lara reached out to Sarah Freudenberg, Director of Ambergris Caye Elementary School’s (ACES) special needs education program to coordinate the first lesson. Sarah’s personal experience with the selected children was instrumental in creating this opportunity for Andrew. With her guidance and support, Andy was able to communicate effectively with special needs child Andrew, creating the first of many successful sailing memories for all involved.

After the lesson, members of the Special Needs Sailing Training Team met to discuss next steps, and 2 additional children have been selected to beta test the program. The team members say that participating is as much a pleasure for themselves as it appears to be for the children.

Press release submitted by Forrest Jones, Press Officer, Belize Sailing Center.

Camp Starfish picture courtesy of San Pedro  Sun
Camp Starfish picture courtesy of San Pedro Sun newspaper
Special needs children
Lara Goldman in the Camp Starfish Parade picture courtesy of the San Pedro Sun news paper
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Laser clinic picture courtesy of Belize Sailing School

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