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Belize Honduras and Costa Maya with Saga

Good evening everyone, hope you are had a great day. It was a super hot one today. I did not check the temp but I can guarantee that it was a multiple rise day. After I got enough work done, I took a nice long walk so I could shoot pictures and listen to music.  3  favorites on my to do list especially now that I have added some new  tunes to my list – Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Queen, The Wanted, Rhianna and Nicki Minaj. My portable ipod shuffle  speaker that I got from on eBay is still holding out great, I would be lost without it. Thanks again to golfbam0160 for selling at a great price and fast shipping to my Montana Weatherman 🙂 so it could get here.

jon in belize
3 cheers for our garbage men – not an easy job in Belize
Belize destinations
View at Corona Del Mar
Flights to Belize
Sitting on the bench outside Tropic Air Belize

Increased Service from Belize International Airport to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

If you’ve ever thought “Caribbean Vacations” and the question of whether you should book a flight to Belize or Honduras is running through your mind, I have the perfect answer – Both.

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tropic Air announces an increased service to San Pedro Sula, Honduras from Belize City.

Tropic Air announced today that it will be increasing is non-stop service between Belize City (International) and San Pedro Sula, Honduras from three (3) to five (5) times a week effective November 4th, 2012. This is a direct result of the increasing demand and the support that our customers have given to the service (launched earlier this year).

Starting November 4th, Tropic Air will serve the route on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and, Honduras from Belize City Fridays. Not only will these new frequencies allow for more options for our passengers, but it will also allow for an increase in trade and business related activities between the two countries.

“When we inaugurated our San Pedro Sula service earlier this year, we promised the people of Belize and Honduras to add service as we saw the route grow” said John Greif  III, President of Tropic Air. “Our passengers have responded and supported us, so it was a natural fit to add more service days…..we hope that soon it might even be daily .”

The flight schedule for the San Pedro Sula (SAP) is as follows – Updated November 2015

Flt# 9N2000 Departs Belize City (BZE) at 4:15pm for San Pedro Sula (SAP) with a 5:15pm arrival
Flt# 9N2201 Departs  San Pedro Sula (SAP) at 8:30am for Belize City (BZE) with a 9:30am arrival

Service to San Pedro Sula are on Tropic’s two brand new, state of the art, glass cockpit (G1000) Cessna Caravan aircraft. These aircraft come equipped with radar, GPS navigation and terrain mapping, a first for any airline in Belize.

UPDATE 2017: Flights between BZE and SAP have been indefinitely suspended effective September, 2017.

Other Tropic Air flights are still bookable through the link on or on the Tropic Air Coupon Code button to the top right of this page.

Tropic Air currently operates a fleet of 11 aircraft to 15 destinations in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

Belize Airport
Tropic Air baggage claim


Saga is excited to announce  they will once again be providing a VIP Section at Costa Maya with 10 VIP Tables each night, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. See Saga below flier with more details on the  fundraising event.

With the recent strain of the unfortunate current events that have occurred within our local animal community, SAGA needs your help more than ever.  Help them in supporting all aspect of the animal population on Ambergris Caye.

Your ongoing support is appreciated, if you cannot be here in person but still want to help,  you can email Saga Manager Ingrid Lima – saga[at]btl[dot]net

Official SAGA Humane Society website
Clinic – 226-3266

costa maya belize
Saga Humane Society Costa Maya 2012 reserved table flier

2 thoughts on “Belize Honduras and Costa Maya with Saga

  1. tacogirl says:

    I have read similar Nick although I have not heard it come up that anyone has been dinged for standard current airline weight luggage and I know a lot of mules 🙂

    Upon looking it up on Tropic Air site, I found this- Currently checked bags shall have a size limit of 62 linear inches (157cm) with a width limited to 30 inches (76cm) and a height of 15 inches (38cm).

    I did not find a weight limit number for checked bags. I did find one for carry on though – Maximum weight of these items cannot exceed 15lbs (6.8kgs), and due to limited cabin space, all carry-ons must fit in your lap.

    Visit the Tropic Air Travel info page, it is a great resource to find out the latest on check in & flight policies, departure tax and pet travel information –

  2. Nick says:

    Hope you can help

    My bags are a few cm each way larger than the allowance on Maya and Tropic – how strict are they?

    Also what is the weight limit? I have read it is 2 x 25lbs on Tropic and 1 x 50lbs on Maya but cannot see the actual weight limit on the Tropic site.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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