downtown san pedro

Back to pioneer days

After living in Belize for almost 7 years, I can totally imagine what it was like in the wild west some times. We were recently sent  back to the pioneer days after our washing machine broke down. I remember when we first moved here and lived in the downtown San Pedro core, in a 1 bedroom apt which did not have laundry. There were 2 laundry services in town at the time, but I do care to use the dryer for my clothes so I often ended up hand washing my stuff.

Raul came to look at it Sunday and said a switch was broken and it would be later in the week that we might get a fix – ugh.

I was totally not in the mood to do bucket laundry tonight, but I am attending a National AIDS Commission Induction Ceremony and Luncheon at El Divino on Thursday. Since I do not want show up looking like a tomboy as a representative for the Belize Red Cross. I decided that advance prep would be better under the circumstances, not only am I dealing with being washer-less, it has been so hot lately that one wear is all I have been giving my clothes.

For fun I decided to look up a couple of posts from our pioneer days. I picked 2 from when we were still relatively new here – just over a year. My plastic bucket collection that I won at a Dia De San Pedro back in 2007 and the time Dianne and Tracy Quicksilver Messenger Service saved the day and our water supply.  I had 3 buckets of laundry on the go and we were about to be cut off due to a missed placed bill due to the hullabaloo between Hurricane Dean and Hurricane Felix.

I brought my camera to town today to snap some pics, so you re saved from pics of my underwear hanging on the drying rack in my shower. As I was going through the pictures to pick a few, I had to laugh I even got one the bucket stores as I was taking a picture of Raymond who works for Grand Caribe and Banana Beach driving down middle street with a Polaris full of empty water jugs.

downtown san pedro
Great meat patties and pies at L'Esquinta to the left of guy with cooler
san pedro belize
A guy riding along with the vegetables in the back of a pick up truck
san pedro belize pictures
Downtown San Pedro
san pedro belize images
Golf cart full of coolers heading towards the lagoon
banana beach belize
Raymond driving down Middle Street with empty water jugs

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