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Living in Belize

Birthday Boat Ride


This post goes out to all the boat lovers. Cousin Erin is a huge boat fan and when we were on the coconut phone before her arrival she said we can just drop her off at the sand bar to be in heaven. After that conversation it was a brainier what her birthday present/party was going to be – a pot luck at the sand bar  so I got to work planning it.

At the time Miss Carole did not have her license so I worked it out with Jack that we could both manage the 20th. Jack was unsure he would be able to go out and let me know well ahead of time. I just hoped for the best and figured we would some now get on the water. It all came together yesterday on the boat and now 9 of us are going to have a great party in paradise.

Back from the boat ride – everyone had a fabulous time and did not want to leave. This is one place where the clock stops for me – it is so gorgeous and peaceful there.  Getting ready to go chill out at Caribbean Villas now.

p.s. Scott spare lap top crashed when Erin got back on you were gone. Hope you can come visit next time.


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  1. tacogirl January 30, 2010

    To get there Maureen you have to pass across the lagoon and head for Cayo Espanto then go north from there.

  2. Maureen January 29, 2010

    Where is that sandbar? I’ve seen it in a lot of pictures but don’t know where it is.

  3. tacogirl January 21, 2010

    The kids had a blast Bill. Nothing like being in the middle of tropical nowhere and being able to walk so far out in the water.

  4. Bill January 21, 2010

    WOW! Laurie What a wonderful way to give a birthday party.. looks like you all had a fantastic time.. i’m sure the Children will remember this all thier lives.


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