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Living in Belize

Dock time


Yesterday I had to go snap some pics by Banana Beach Resort so I decided to mix business with pleasure and get some dock time in. Dick was available to come share the adventure, so after I got my work done, we sat on Banyan Bay dock and watched boats go by.

I am so glad I did not wait till today – sky too gray. Heading back to the beach shortly, I need time and space from a piece I have been writing for a guide book.

banana beach resort belize picture

View from Banana Beach

banyan bay  resort belize

Banyan Bay dock

view from banyan bay dock of  grand colony belize, banana beach resort, mata rocks, the palms

Grand Colony, Banana Beach Resort, Mata Rocks, the Palms

belize graffiti picture


belize picture of graffiti on banyan bay beach resort dock


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  1. al salter October 22, 2011

    I have already done that. Now I am working on “Guide to the Brothels of Corozal”. ( there are 5). I can send you a draft for review if you like:)

  2. tacogirl October 21, 2011

    lol Al none of those ideas match what they are looking for. Maybe you can write the Drinkers guide to Belize.

  3. tacogirl October 21, 2011

    Not seen them filming, but caught news of Next Bachelor Ben Flajnik and His Beauties In Belize on the net CC.

  4. CC October 21, 2011

    Any chance you’ve seen them filming The Bachelor in your travels?

  5. al salter October 20, 2011

    I may have ideas for your guide book. But I need to know the title. ?The party animals’ guide to the bars of Ambergris.
    ?Sittin’ on the dock of the bay wasting time.
    ? Wastin’ away again in San Pedro ville
    ?just another Canadian gringo in Belize
    Whatever you do include lots of pics and get Sharon’s input:)


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