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We lost the rain and got some mild blanket weather instead. Often people  laugh when we talk about being cold here in San Pedro Belize but it happens.

I remember our first cold front, it was long before Caye Supplies and we did not have a proper blanket at the time. It lasted about a week, I stacked all our empty duvet covers and sheets on top of each other to keep us warm at night. A $300 bzd bed in the bag set with bad prints from Wings was not an option I was interested in.

Weather is deterring me from wanting to go to the pool, considering walking instead to get some exercise in. I will leave you with pictures from my trip to town with Dick yesterday afternoon, we decided to walk the back way for a different view.

10 thoughts on “BRRRR

  1. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Aww, seeing Front Street takes me to my happy place and I forget that we have lows near 2C tonight. I will need to send you a Shobo Touqe Happy for this winter. Hang in there chilly willy a scarf is on the way!

  2. Bob says:

    Belized spoiled me for the heat here in Texas. 90f is way cooler than 113f! 48F here this morning and I wanted to run around naked!

  3. al salter says:

    It is fact that humankind was spawned in East Africa so we are genetically programmed for heat. So San Pedro is no great feat. But it would take a real woman with a capacity for adaptive fitness to go for a brief walk in jeans and tank top out on the frozen sea at -40F on a sunny day with no breeze near Pond Inlet, NT. in February. I’ve done it (in a tee shirt) 🙂

  4. ajbaxter says:

    My body will take a Belize cold spell over a freezing Alberta cold front any day. My trips to Belize have spoiled my ability to endure (and enjoy) -30F in the mountains.

  5. tacogirl says:

    Too funny Emily, I have had my airline blanket [courtesy of wade the gringo] twice this week. Id definitely warmed up since this morning though.

  6. Emily says:

    Haha…I guess I’m not fully acclimated to the climate yet, because I haven’t pulled up my blanket (or barely even the sheet), or worn anything longer than shorts on my legs yet. Today feels delightful! If it gets even cooler later in the week, though, I might have to break out my jeans for the first time since arriving here in late August… 🙂

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