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Belize Time

I never did make it to the beach yesterday, soon as I got to Dick’s place to pick him up for a walk it started to rain so we hung out there instead.

It is very chilly this morning, enough to be wearing a jacket in the house, I can see how a fireplace could be very handy here at this time of year. I opted for stretching at home and extra hot shower over the pool this morning.

I am still working on the piece I am writing, feels like have hit word count 50 times by now as I rearrange and expand on what I  have already written.

I will leave you with Belize Sailing News courtesy of  Forrest Jones, Press Officer, San Pedro Sailing Club.

Youth Sunday Sailboat Race Results; October 16, 2011

Place    Skipper                          Boat Sponsor
1st         Mitchell Sersland       Palapa Bar and Grill
2nd       Beverly Medrano
3rd        Morgaine Jones         Caribbean Villas
4th        Zulema Ayala              Ambergris Lakes Villas

The tale of Sunday’s races was one of coping with a wind that kept changing direction radically and in unaccustomed directions, 45 degrees or more towards or away from the South. When it shifts so as to point the boat away from the buoy, there is nothing one can do. Young skippers try to correct by pointing their boats back on the course they had before the shift.  That results in sailing too directly into the wind and stalling.  The skippers who best understood this did the best on Sunday, but even some of them stalled when trying to round buoys.  None the less, it was excellent practice and experience for all.

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