Beach BBQ

Getting ready to go meet the boat in town. About 18 of us are heading up to Bacalar Chico/Robles Point (about 15 miles north) for some fishing snorkeling and beach bbq.

Off to Road Kill Bar soon – I was not going to upload pics tonight but then Capt Jeff called and invited me fishing tomorrow morning with him and Steve.

Trip with SEAduced was great – Sylvan and Jovani (hope I spelled those right) were great cooks and delight full hosts putting up with us lot. Any time up north on the island is always great – it is to beautiful there. They made a pit stop at Palapa bar on the way home so people could get more drinks having drunk the boat dry – we got to enjoy a few min with Tulu while we were waiting.


  1. Got to love a nice boat ride – especially when it takes you to a deserted part of the island.

  2. freakin cute!!

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