San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Party posse still going strong

Fishing was delayed due to lumpy water so everyone ended up at Estel’s for breakfast – after we wandered around town shopping and got some ice cream. Bill and Ted went off on their excellent adventure so we all hitched a ride with Carbunketrumpet.

We are all taking some down time now – some are meeting up in town for lunch before everyone heads to BC’s.

Checking last nights party on tacogirlblog from Estelle’s

Hitching a ride with carbunketrumpet


Alan says: Wed, just after sunset going on till around midnight – Crazy Canucks would be an ideal place to watch it from – Karaoke after at Roadkill

Total Lunar Eclipse: Wed 20 February 2008

The lunar eclipse will be taking place off the coast of French Guiana, and the Moon rises at 17:45, so those of us in Belize should have a superb view of the whole event, weather permitting!

The total eclipse phase lasts nearly 25 minutes from 21:26 to 21:50 and, during that time, Saturn will be visible about 3 degree to the northeast of the Moon.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 18:36:35
Partial Eclipse Begins: 19:43:19
Total Eclipse Begins: 21:01:10
Greatest Eclipse: 21:26:05
Total Eclipse Ends: 21:50:57
Partial Eclipse Ends: 23:08:47
Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 00:15:39
(Please note that all times are GMT-6, so Belizean time)

Lunch gang just arrived

Lagrange on drums

Beaching it at BC’s

Ed mike Dita Mary

Bobcatbill and the gang at BC’s

Potluck party

Chatting in kitchen

Dick on bbq


Snack time

Hungry monkeys

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