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Fresh fish – yummy

Nothing like eating the fish you caught hours ago for lunch – I took some fillets and fried them up with coconut oil they were so tasty.

Went fishing with Capt Jeff on Clifford and Eric’s boat this morning. Getting bait was not an easy task because the water is murky but we managed to find some sardines by the mangroves and set off for some inshore trawling.

Today Capt Jeff was coaching me on timing and how to reel fast after hooking the fish with a sharp upward motion.

Capt Jeff quote of the day on making major decisions … Ask yourself is th juice worth the squeeze?

On a side note the other fishermen caught wahoo tuna and a big barracuda – Bill took Maya, Gail and Paul outside the reef with Dilzon. Sounded like an awesome time but with 7 foot waves I am so glad I went with Capt Jeff in the morning that was definitely more my speed.

Note to self… get more waterproof gear and make sure it is calmer waters when going outside the reef.

Looking for bait

Sardine time


Got some

Oscar the octopus

Capt Jeff

My fish


We did ok

Heading back to clean the fish

Clifford and Eric’s boat



5 thoughts on “Fresh fish – yummy

  1. The Truth says:

    That’s true. I love eating the fish that I catch on my Sevylor hours later. I’d do that anyday over going to a seafood restaurant. Guaranteed fresh food!

  2. tacogirl says:

    Yes was a fun day TQ

    Wiliwali I am not sure if they got a new boat or not as that is my first time out with them.

    Capt Jeff if you are reading this thanks for a wonderful day.

    Eric and Clifford it was fun going on your boat.

  3. WiliWali says:

    Did Eric and Clifford get a new boat? We went out with Clifford in November and he had a smaller yellow boat. He put us right on the fish and conch!

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