making a first aid kit

Basic First Aid kit

I am very pleased to report that thanks to Miss Paula’s wonderful donations our San Pedro Branch office is ready for action. Yesterday Gigi, Paula and I met up and sorted through all the things Paula was donating to our worthy cause and then we took them over to the office. I did a quick set up so she could see what her stuff would look like and knew I would be going Nate show on the room later  in prep for today’s first volunteer & member sign up. I am so glad Mary and David are joining me from 10am – 1pm to help man the office.

One my tasks this morning before heading to town was to make a Red Cross first aid kit for our San Pedro Branch. I was inspired by the one Paula gave me yesterday that I totally fell in love with, it was also a good reminder that I need to check all of ours and do some restocking. Even though it is a gorgeous warm sunny day  Hurricane season is just around the corner and the recent rain is a good incentive to start preparations sooner than later.

I must confess it was not until I moved to Belize that I started a first aid kit collection. What got me started was thinking in terms of emergency preparedness kit when hurricane Dean was coming and finding a good way to recycle the plastic packaging our sheets came in. You can see my homemade Hurricane season kit  and my emergency light collection in Hurricane Season Belize – time to prepare post from May 2009.

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Any good recommends for unusual but useful first aid kit additions?

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I just got an email that the new Minister of NEMO is Hon: Godwin Hulse.

making a first aid kit
Basic first aid kit
san pedro branch
Coffee maker & water dispenser donated by Paula
san pedro branch belize red cross
Paula’s table and the chairs I raided from our yard
san pedro branch red cross belize
We watched a woman make this peace sign on the beach yesterday

5 thoughts on “Basic First Aid kit

  1. Ari Feder says:

    My wife and I are looking for a ride to the bay islands from belize. Can someone please point me in the right direction to find a ride sailing out soon?

  2. al salter says:

    A Belize first aid kit should also have Cipro 250mg, loperamide, morphine inj.,suture kit, IV setup with Ringers lactate solution,anti snake venin, condoms ( emergency use only), 12oz grey goose vodka and a KJV bible if all else fails.

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