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Living in Belize

My 2 Favorite Seamstresses


It is good to know your strengths and weaknesses. Anything beyond fixing a button or mending a small hole is  definitely not a strength of mine. If you are like me and better off having someone else do your alterations then today’s write up is for you.

My 2 favorite seamstresses in town

Sew What – they do fantastic custom work and cushion covers. Our pool side lounge chair cushions and couch seat  both came from there and I know many resorts use Kate for her high quality durable products. Recently I took my float belt and Mexican bulsa bag to Kate. She did a new strap for the belt and new handles on my bag, keeping it out of the dump and making it useful to me once again for a pool bag. She did such a great job I am taking my Guadalupe bulsa [souvenir from Mexico] in today to get it re-handled as well. Getting my belt and bag re-purposed cost $25 bzd and worth every penny.

Elsa – I have been getting clothing altered by her got 6 years now, ever since she lived beside us in our first apartment in town.  She has changed locations a few times and has now come full circle and ended up in our old apartment. I recently paid $35 bzd to have 4 dresses altered and one was double sided making more work.

san pedro belize

Sew What added added straps onto my mermaid pool bag and float belt

san pedro belize

Sew What south end of Back street on West side

dowwntown san pedro belize

To find Elsa go to the back stairs 2 floor apt on the end


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  1. tacogirl August 18, 2016

    Sew What does not do closing Bernadette. Elsa has moved and I am not sure exactly where other than DFC area.

  2. Bernadette Damper August 13, 2016

    Would they make a few skirts for me?

  3. Emily March 16, 2012

    Sew What does great work! We had rolling window shades and a valance made when we first moved to town. Lately, they replaced a zipper in a backpack that we thought was going to have to be trashed, even though it was in otherwise good shape. Thanks Kate and Sew What!


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