Rob and Dana Leonard

Hand Wash Hand

Fundraising and charity work is a way of life world wide. After moving to Belize we have really gotten in touch with the Grass roots side of this area. Paul and I started out volunteering at Holy Cross in order to get involved with the community. Since then we have branched out and done work with many charities and organizations as well as one off causes done by smaller groups.

It has been inspiring to watch someone like Barb’s Belize spring into action to help something good come from an unpleasant situation and see all the local businesses that were in support of her effort to raise much money for a very worthy cause. Rob & Dana, the honeymoon couple who were injured after being hit by a local water taxi.

Their medical bills are massive and all help is much appreciated. Rob has undergone 4 surgeries already, dealt with prosthetic devices, therapy and counseling. Dana has severe post traumatic stress disorder and currently undergoing intensive therapy.

Barb wanted to help the planned fundraiser in Virginia that Danny Shea was in charge of. The goal was to raise more money for the couple so she started a Fund Raiser for injured honeymoon couple effort. To see the thread visit the Ambergris Caye Message Board in the new Fundraisers, Volunteering, & Charity section that recently Marty added.

Many local Belize businesses stepped up to offer everything from private catering to round trip tickets from Belize International to San Pedro Airport.

Big shout out to the following people:

Matheiu’s Deli, Marty Casado, Marty Casado, Marty Casado, SeaDuced by Belize, Wahoo’s Lounge,
Hugh Parkey’s Dive, Average Joe’s, Conch Creative, Discovery Expeditions, Discovery Expeditions
Cart’s Belize, The Baker , Matheiu’s Deli, Suya Tours, Rendezvous Restaurant, Casa Buena Vista
Kama Lounge, Polo Cart Rentals, Estelle’s, Estelle’s, The Phoenix, Caliente Restaurant
Red Ginger or Blue Water, Cap’t Morgans, SeaScape Villas, Tranquility Bay, Belize Surf  Shop
Mr. Joes, Victoria House, Victoria House, Wayo’s Bar, Lola’s Pub & Grill, Portofino, Premium Wines & Spirits, Snack Shack, Debbie Cooper, Tropic Air.

This next paragraph comes directly from from Barb on the last page of the honeymoon couple thread, The benefit was a huge success! So far over $11,000 US has been raised. The 2 trips to Belize we gave were a big hit and contributed to over $3000 of the money raised. Rob & Dana were there and it was a pleasure meeting them. I know Rob’s mother but had never met Rob & Dana before. They were completely awed & so touched at the amount of donations the San Pedro community offered. They have been following this post. A good friend of theirs won the raffle trip (yes, he won a trip to Belize for a $5 raffle ticket!!)

Even though they raised a good amount of money, we all know how expensive medical bills can be and they still need to fill help the bucket and get stabilized. If you would like to help by making a donation please contact Barb at escape[at]

Rob and Dana Leonard
Rob and Dana Leonard – picture from The Daily Progress

Don’t forget to check out Barb’s Belize Tropical Adventure website.

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