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Au Revior Mario

Lots of people came to Wayo Beachside Beernet today to celebrate Mario’s life. Vicky chose to have it at Wayo’s  because it was a local hang out down the road from their place.  It was good that everyone was able to come together under such difficult circumstances to pay their respects for Mario and show support to Vicky and the kids.

This morning I was looking through old blog posts to find pictures for Carole and I to use when we posted the information about his memorial today so people would know what time and where. I found the Rum Punched post and had a walk back in time as I remembered that night now Mario accidentally  bumped into Carole while dancing on the sunset cruise and managed to give her a black eye. We could not stop laughing at that all night was another unexpected and comical ending to a sunset cruise.

I told Paul this at Mario’s memorial and he reminded me of another Seaduced sunset cruise that Mario and Vicky had come on. That was a super fun catamaran cruise  – all the message boarders were in town as well as my mom and Dicks mom. Afterward bunch of us ended up at Casa Picasso afterward to continue on eating – drinking and having fun.

Au Revior Mario we had some good times.

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