Tropic Air flight from San Pedro to Municipal Airport

Secret surprise revealed

Remember the other day I said there was a secret surprise in the works? Well it is coming soon so stay tuned…

p.s. please remember to be on time at 4:45 for the sunset cruise at O’Farrell dock.

What a busy day went to school,  another Tropic Air party done 2 blogs and soon have to get ready for sunset cruise.

Airport party was great travelqueen the trumpets and Becky came in – we were ready and waiting with a welcome Vegas showgirls sign. Beck was the big surprise and we promptly headed over to BC’s to surprise Bill as he had no idea she was coming. It has been so much fun doing Tropic Air parties this year and meeting everyone with funny signs as they fly in from Belize City.

I posted pictures of Janet, John (Dicks Parents) and My mom at school bringing some donations. Also pictures of Garifuna settlement day landing at Boca Del Rio park with Dita, Bill, Chunky, Ruth, LoansumAk and crew on school blog.

We had a great time on the boat. Once again time stood still and Seaduced crew made our night with great music rum punch, beer and snacks. They even did a pit stop back at the dock to get Shannon, Keli and miraculously Pam and Chris who turned at the right moment.

After our cat ride, a bunch of us headed to Casa Picasso and enjoyed some delicious conversation, food and drinks. Mario kept getting Paul and himself lemon drops and they both got very chatty. What a fun day.

Dita and tacomom holding sign

Tropic Air Cessna CaravanBecky first to come

azbob and becky

crowd is growing

waiting for trumpets to land

Tropic Air BelizeCarbunke Trumpets and maria behind

Heading across road to Surprise Bill at BC’s

Becky going to side to wait a min

Sneak attack

Hi Honey I’m here

Now Bill knows why Pedro booted his @ss Banana Beach this morning

2 thoughts on “Secret surprise revealed

  1. tacogirl says:

    Definitely rates for top surprise this trip Nova. It was so much fun to watch it all play out – from chatting Beckster on the coconut phone when she booked it to seeing her sneak up behind him at BC’s.

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