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It’s a hot one today –  and looks like it might rain a bit. Waiting to hear back from Mary about a joyride around town and possibly across the bridge. If we do not hook up today the plan is to meet up tonight for dinner. She still has lots of fish left in the freezer and they leave tomorrow so she wanted to get it cooked somewhere. I suggested checking with El Divino as they will fry your fish for you so we stopped there yesterday to make sure they still offer that service and they do.

Quicksilver Messenger Service is the smart choice for your business needs as they are the only bonded courier and mail service in San Pedro Belize.  They pick-up and deliver parcels and letters to individuals, businesses, law firms, airports and the government. Quicksilver is working hard to give you great service and has greatly expanded their network and now  provide service in San Pedro, Belize City, Belmopan and World Wide. You can also count on  Quicksilver Messenger Service to take care of bill paying when you need to leave the island [ or if you are too busy]. Whether you leave for a vacation or come back and forth, they can pay your bills for you.

For those of you coming on Vacation Quicksilver also does cell phone rentals and has  Local and International rates per minute on Belize phones during peak – non peak hours listed and  local agents who handle Go Phone cell rentals.  You can rent a Quicksilver Go Phone for less than a margarita on the beach – $5USD/day ($10BZ/day). With each cell phone rental of three (3) days or more you receive $10BZ of free talk time. You can get more minutes at any time you want with just a phone call. Quicksilver Go Phone maintains a wireless top-up terminal from the SMART telephone company. From $1 – $100 they can send extra minutes to you wirelessly, wherever you are in the country. Local Businesses you will be glad to know that Quicksilver provides a wide range of business services – Liquor license extension, Cigarette supplies to local bars, Customs brokers (FedEx, Belize Int’l dockyard, AmeriJet), International wire transfers, Getting documents Notarized and more. Quick silver also has associates who are willing to provide the following services to Quicksilver Clients in San Pedro, Belize City, Belmopan and internationally… Registration of a company in Belize, Registration of IBC’s, Annual Filing for companies. Check  Quicksilver website for more information on things like cost, requirements and setup fee to register a local Belize Chapter 250 company and what relocation services they offer. You will find you pretty much have one stop shopping.

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  1. Joey Stevens & Bob says:

    When we were on the island (and I wish we were back there now) Quicksilver provided us with cell phones so our crew could be in touch and believe me it really was helpful. Diane is a very special lady and really works hard at making her business the most professional possible, and she is doing all the right things. Thank you Quicksilver.

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