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Living in Belize

Aquafit North at Ak’ boL


This morning Paul – Molly and I had quite an adventure. We borrowed one of Pedro’s carts and headed north to Maureen’s aquafit class – it was a nice change to do class in a new spot. Molly kept wanting to join us so Paul had to help keep her busy.

After class Paul was still working with Kirsten so Molly and I hit the beach for some lounging and coconut chasing.

On our way home Milio asked to catch a ride with us and we got almost as far as Maureen and JD’s house and the cart ran out of gas. Luckily Milio had a gas can so off he went back to Ak’ boL to grab it while we went to Maureen’s to borrow her cart.  The people at the bridge were nice enough to let us pass without paying another $10 when we explained what had happened.

It felt like it took forever to get home kind of like one of those dreams where you are trying to get somewhere but walking in quicksand or something.

Maureen’s Aquafit classes at Ak’ boL are Monday and Wednesdays 10:30 – 11:30 cost of class is $10 and $5 of that goes to a credit at Bean Restaurant [valid same day only]

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  1. tacogirl September 25, 2010

    lol I bet you are having some good eating there.

  2. tacogirl September 25, 2010

    Yes it is called Bean Emily.

  3. tacogirl September 25, 2010

    Easy place to miss Amy.

  4. cindy September 24, 2010

    At least Molly’s keeping fit – I just keep eating! lol

  5. Emily (@EmilySNC) September 23, 2010

    Looks like fun! Is the restaurant there at Ak-Bol called Bean? We’ve eaten there many times and love it, but never knew it had a separate name. Definitely plan on taking the class in when we’re there the future!

  6. Amy September 23, 2010

    Looks like fun. Only you have “fun adventures” Laurie. Can’t wait till we can be there and I get to go to Maureen’s classes. Missing the island!


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