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Happy 29th Belize

Belize’s Independence Day is September 21 – and the country celebrates big time with red white and blue decorations – street parades – music – dancing and food. Today’s independence day marks Belize’s 29th Birthday – Happy Birthday Belize. Funny to think that I am older than the country I live in.

I have gone to the parade every year since moving here and as much as I totally love it – I decided to sit this one out. I am kind of glad I did because a bit of rain came out of no where and my camera would not have been happy about that.

As promised here are the pics from RC [Rick Collin]. Downloading them this morning made me kind of wish I had not missed the parade even though I was glad for a quiet day at home.


  1. Happy Birthday, Belize. I hope there are fireworks!

  2. I caught some the night before from our veranda.

  3. tacogirl, the pix of the parade are too fun!

    Cannot wait for Halloween! The Memphis Girls are coming…Thank ya very much!

  4. It is always a great parade Laura. Halloween is always fun with the big pimp N ho party at Pedro’s.

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