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Something in the air

Many people tend to find September a hard month on Ambergris Caye. It is low season and typically some tend to reach the end of their rope so to speak and often develop a short fuse or get a bit stir crazy. For Paul and I right now we both agree the feeling is a bit lackluster. He was wondering if it was not the low pressure in the atmosphere due to the oncoming storm that was affecting people – we are not the only ones feeling it.  I say this because it is something to take into account of you are considering a move to ‘paradise’.

Being Prepared as best you can is important here especially when a storm is coming.  It is important to think of things like storing flush-able water if you need it or making sure everything is up to freshly charged that needs to be in case of power outs. I am making a mental note of the things that need to be topped up and checked – will make that a tomorrow morning to do.

Chatting with Lara on the coconut phone and now according to Wunderground it is looking like Tropical Storm Matthew could end up as a category 1 hurricane for us by 2 pm Sunday. Decided to make sure the laundry did not pile up so I did a mix of towels and our clothes and hoped for the best that I would be able to get it dry enough before rain hit – not in the cards.

Mike dropped by for a visit – Molly and I decided to walk him out as he was headed to Rob’s and was not quite sure of the way from this direction. As I got close to my decided turnaround point it started to rain so we said a quick adios and parted ways. Molly and I started walking faster as the rain grew heavier. I was hoping for 2 things – that tacoboy got the wet laundry inside in time and that my shuffle radio did not get too pelted on – I got lucky on both counts. [should have brought a Ziploc ] It is times like this that dryers come in handy. If you do not have one ceiling fans and freestanding laundry racks are useful.

Molly was very well behaved all the way home she stayed close to me at my request until we got partway down our street when she shot off like a rocket in the drenching downpour – I walked slower taking time to enjoy the shower. Sometimes the feeling of walking in the rain can be very therapeutic – tonight had a lifting effect if that makes any sense.

I will leave you with some random prices for those of you who like the occasional cost of living abroad in San Pedro Belize information. I am going to go organize our flashlights and put laundry back out now that the rain has stopped for a bit.

1. Our water bill this month came in at $44.75

2. We got our gas tank filled recently it was $58 compared to the time before it was $64 for a 50lb size tank – no idea why the price difference for the same size tank.

3. Random grocery items. Rainbow box milk $4.45 – Ruffles ridges cheese flavor chips $8.55 –  Kraft original mac and cheese $2.30 – Ramen noddles $0.60 – Snickers bar $1.50 – M&M’s $1.65 – red Gatorade – White Bread $3.50 – Country Barn raisin bran $4.30 – Post-Raisin Bran $7 and change  – 20 pack Independence cigarettes $5.00 – Hunts can tomato sauce 3 cheese flavor or onion and garlic 751g $3.90

[please note all pricing above is in Belize dollars – half  it for usd]

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6 thoughts on “Something in the air

  1. tacogirl says:

    Nice to hear from you Bryan. I wish I could blip back to kensington for 24h of eating and shopping. All good here just a bit of rain so far. Storm map showing us in the clear as of right now.

  2. Bryan Pickell says:

    Hey Laurie!

    I was just thinking of you & Paul and wanted to write and say hi. It’s been a long time since we hung out at your place in Kensington market. My best to you both & I hope everything’s ok this weekend for everyone there.


  3. Jeff S says:

    Hi Tacogirl, I’m the guy that played golf with Jeff on Wednesday 9-29 in Wisconsin. Same initials but no relation! Hope he got to UK ok. He told me about your connection with JJW and his band in Belize. I’m a big fan since back in the 80’s and was thinking about coming down for his Camp Belize thing in Feb. Can you tell me more?


  4. tacogirl says:

    Thanks for the good thoughts Darryl storm track looking better right now. It is a bit of a trade off – many people do periodical shoppping on the mainland as prices are cheaper.

  5. Loving the Bike says:

    I hope you guys are able to avoid Matthew this weekend. I’ll be thinking about you.
    Thanks for sharing the prices…..just one of the trade offs for living in such a wonderful place, I guess. Too bad it has to be that way.


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