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Amazing Belize Images from Corozal to Placencia

Some people enjoy taking pictures of Belize, a few like my mom opt for postcards over snapping pics and others enjoy looking at other peoples images of Belize.

It’s always interesting to see how someone frames a shot and puts in their artistic touches when making it truly their own work of art.

The amazing pictures in today’s post are from Ric Hornsby, a disabled Nature and Fine Art Photographer from Canada, recently traveled throughout most of Belize. He is back in Canada now, working through a pile of images and will soon launch a website where his work will be available. In the interim, Ric wanted to share a few of his experiences through images of the many wonderful things he saw while traveling in Belize.

In the photographer’s own words:

“Opinionated, disabled, generally late for lunch, at peace with nature. Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell. Oh. I also carry a camera, and I travel. I have very limited use of my right hand due to being disabled. Being right-handed, this makes working through images a somewhat slower process. It requires detailed mousing abilities, and I can only do so much at a time. Stay tuned for a link to a larger collection of what this country means to an old curmudgeon with a camera!”

Here are 9 of the over 13,000 shots Ric captured during his travels. Including a few of a Great Egret that he met while walking the shore of Caye Caulker. Ric mentioned “If you spent time there this winter, you may have seen the same bird. It was hanging out around Popeye’s.

If you are interested in any of Ric’s work, you can contact him at

belize images
Hummingbird at a small farm near Caledonia (Corozal), Belize by Ric Hornsby
belize birds
Great Kiskadee making a joyful noise in Corozal by Ric Hornsby
black orchid belize
Hand painted Black Orchid sign in Corozal by Ric Hornsby
corozal belize
Snowy Egret in Corozal by Ric Hornsby
belize images
The Great Egret on Caye Caulker by Ric Hornsby
caye caulker
Great Egret hanging out just South of Popeye’s Hotel by Ric Hornsby
Great Egret by Ric Hornsby
Great Egret on Caye Caulker by Ric Hornsby
dive belize
Dive boat at Sunset on Caye Caulker by Ric Hornsby
belize images
Sunset and sailboats in Placencia

3 thoughts on “Amazing Belize Images from Corozal to Placencia

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  2. Ric says:

    Thanks, Wilma! I chased a number of hummers around the country. Perhaps, my favourite was a green-breasted mango that I ran into while stumping around the Cockscomb preserve! I still haven’t been able to do more than scratch the surface of what I shot over the winter. Look for to rise from the ashes, soon…

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