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Air Miles Come to Belize

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci Exciting news for those that love to fly! On January 1st, Tropic Air will be launching its Air Miles Frequent Flyer Program – TropicMiles. A soft launch will take place soon to fine tune everything, before the official one. I know a couple of people who are already in the program and are accumulating miles. The miles program’s primary target market is local Belize travelers, the residents and business frequent flyers, however, it will be available to vacation travelers as well. So many folks are repeat visitors and this is a great ongoing reward for putting in the time to plan your trip. You can earn miles with individual purchase (no group options at this time) made by credit card on the Tropic Air website, by email with Central Reservations, (click through and see contact info section near the top) or cash or credit card at their any airport ticket counter countrywide in Belize.

Topic Air would like to thank everyone for their continued business and wish you all a successful 2018. Reminder after your International flights are booked you can save 10% on your Tropic Air flights in Belize using the December code cenote but you need to move fast. In January 2018 the coupon code structure will be changing. Details are still being worked out so I cannot give you information just yet. If you still want to save cash, now is the time to book (no matter when you plan to fly). Please note airmiles are not given in conjunction with 10% flight discount. I would also like to thank everyone for using tacogirl flight coupon codes and benefiting from my blog as a useful and often entertaining travel resource. I will leave you with a nice December sunset view of the Caribbean Sea and this question. What are you waiting for? Book the tickets 😀 

Air Miles

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