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9 Freakishly Fun Parties in San Pedro

The fun never ends in San Pedro – back that up with two full weekends of Halloween fun withΓ‚ several parties in between and it is going to be a really fun week!

Halloween parties are the perfect opportunity to let your alter ego out and become anyone or anything your heart desires for a night – or several as is the case this year. It’s that one night of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to unleash your inner demons πŸ™‚ and since all these parties are happening in the tropics, you can really get your freak on without freezing your hiney off.

Although I am still not sure which parties I will attend, I have had my costume ready for a few months now. It jumped out at me while shopping with Cindy in Boca Del Rio and I found the finishing bling between Mirab Home Store in Belize City and Caye Supply.

I always thought it would be a fun group costume to get a bunch of people to go as a tacky wedding party complete with ugly mismatched bridesmaids dresses and mullets on the groomsmen. Last year the Blue Smurfs and Day of the Dead won my vote for best group costumes. They were at both Pedro’s Pimp n’ Ho Party and Holiday Hotel – see pics in “It was another great Halloween in San Pedro Halloween” 2013 post.

If you are planning to go ghoulish and have not gotten your costume, the best Halloween stores in downtown San Pedro are:

  • Caye Supplies – a full range of costumes and accessories.
  • A&R – just got a good shipment of masks.
  • If you want to go less expensive check out one of our many second-hand shops around town and see how creative you can get with what they have.

San Pedro Belize Guide to Halloween Parties 2014

Saturday, October 25: Holiday Hotel Halloween Bash – 9:00 pm. Year after year this party has 5-star freak factor that spills out onto the street, with people lined up watching the grand entries.

Sunday, October 26: Saga Humane Society Spooktacular Halloween fundraiser at Carlo and Ernie’s Runway Bar – 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. This frightfully fantastic annual fundraiser is well worth attending.

Wednesday, October 29: Roadkill Bar’s Halloween Party (Scaryoke) – 7:30 pm – 12:00 am. Many would say nothing is scarier than Karaoke πŸ™‚ Roadkill Bar’s Scaryoke party will be a spooky good time.

Wednesday, October 29: Pedro’s  Party Like It’s 1994 Beer Pong Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward. This is a special event, open to all and will be a lot of retro fun.

Friday, October 31:  Wayo’s Beach Bar –  4:00 pm.  There is no better place to enjoy a Creepy Carnival with proceeds benefitting San Pedro Aids Commission.

Friday, October 31: Lola’s Pub  Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward.  Celebrate the holiday with Lola’s special “spooky” drinks while wearing your freakiest attire.

Friday, October 31: Pedro’s Annual Pimp n’ Ho Party – 6:30 pm onward.  A fun place to see some creative (and yes, sometimes freaky) costumes and compete for great prizes.

Friday, October 31: Rain Restaurant – Mystery Dinner Theater – Murder in Margaritaland – 6:00 pm. Who doesn’t love a good tropical thriller game.

Friday, October 31: Sandy Toes Bar and Grill – Halloween Party – 6:30 pm onward. This is Sandy Toes’ first annual Halloween Party.  Come and celebrate with free jello shots for all those in costume – now there’s an incentive to come up with a costume!

Saturday, November 1:  Boo at the Zoo, Belize Zoo – 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm.  This new event at The Belize Zoo promises to be a fun time for children (and adults) of all ages. There will be treat stations, zookeeper talks and decorated trails throughout this wonderful Zoo.

Check out TripAdvisor for most on these locations!

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This Vampire is ready to see you at the party!
holiday hotel annual halloween party san pedro
Giant Creepy Crawly Spider
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Elvira will be at the party!
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Headless werewolf

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