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Yesterdays email from Forrest

Dear Laurie & Paul –

What a great night I had last night: 20 of my most favorite people on the island around for outstanding company, and mouthwatering kebobs, curries and chocolate cake! Thank you for being there and being a part of it. And many many thanks for this cool little light that now lights up the dark corners of the lower shelf of my kitchen closet so that I can actually see what’s back there…. What? Another bottle of red wine vinegar?…. That makes 3 of them now, because I never could see that I had already stashed away a reserve.

I don’t have email addresses for Brad, Wayne, Phil, Marie, Robbie, J.D. (although I could probably email him c/o Reef Village) and Maureen. I don’t know if it would be appropriate but if so, would you please blog thanks from me to all of the above – thanks for the good company, the Belikins and the delicious kebobs and curry!

Another thing you might post is a public service reminder that the film about Tarpon and why they should be caught and released will be shown at Playa Lounge tomorrow night (Wednesday, August 13) at 7 pm. Beer and/or drink prices will be lowered for the occasion.

All for now – Best to you – Forrest

Pictures of the Pedro’s new pool and the progress of getting it in the ground. Next comes the deck.

3 thoughts on “Yesterdays email from Forrest

  1. says:

    I just love the pic of the dog curled up in the berm of cool dirt…my dogs would have been right there with him!

  2. glorv1 says:

    That pool though not ready, sure does look inviting considering the 103 weather over here in Modesto. I bet it will be really nice when its done. Take care.

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