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Hot Humid and Breezy

It is hot hot hot today. Thankfully I am back in our Breezy room for now.

Too slow this morning and missed the veggie run at Canucks so I went to see Maria instead. I was picking through the celery to find the best bunch but they all seemed to have the odd mushy spot. I was just about to put a bunch back and move onto something else when Maria took it from my hand and told me she would clean it up and make it nice – she also mentioned Mexico was wet and that is why the celery was like that.

I picked out a few tomatoes and Maria added a couple of more – I was to enjoying that Maria knew I was trying to add more veggies to my diet and was not going to let me get away without doing so.

After she weighed and bagged all my things Maria told me it would be $30. I paid her and she decided that I needed an ear of corn and a beet as well an extra treat- thanks Maria you rock. (If you have a surplus of slightly used clean plastic bags consider recycling some Maria’s way or any other small business you know that might use them)

I was going to come straight home but I figured I might as well get cheese at Santiago Castillo – of course I could not get in and out of there just looking in the cheese fridge – I had to have a look around and ended up buying rice bagels, cheese, some stuff make chili with some cookies for Paul and treated myself to a special dark chocolate bar.

Paul grimaced when I handed him a bowl of celery and carrots just now but I can hear him crunching away.

Going watch Oprah right now Michael Moore is on talking about health care. Those who know me well know I am not into politics but I have always enjoyed hearing Moore speak on various issues.

Break time is over I have to finish my shopping so I can cook dinner. Off to the sausage factory to get some meat.

I decided to stock up a bit and got ham for sandwiches, smoked hot dogs, spare ribs, ground country sausage, ground steak for Pauls quesadillas – I am having lobster in mine thanks to Rick who gave me 5 tails yesterday and 2 beef sticks so we could have an afternoon snack.

People are always saying how friendly a place San Pedro is, I can attest to that – just walking to the sausage factory and back I exchanged smiles and hello’s with 6 people I do not know while we passed each other on the road. I also ran into Tim and Tina on my way back who insisted on driving me a few feet to Anna’s store – I had to stop there to restock our ice supply and get tortillas.

FYI – Sausage factory will be closed from Tuesday August 26th to Saturday August 30th and will reopen Tuesday Sept 2and (for those of you who do not know they close Sunday and Monday to put more sense the dates above)

$68.21 bzd worth of groceries

$4.25 for 2 bags of ice and 2 packs of tortillas at Anna’s Store

$57.65 bdz worth of meat

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