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Living in Belize

Worth Waking Up For


I’m glad I took time to go watch the sunrise early this morning. While walking to the beach I got that excited feeling; you know the kind you get when you are on vacation? It’s been almost 3 years of living here and I’m glad I haven’t lost that magic feeling.

At 5:40 am the sky was looking quite majestic. The clouds spanned as far as my eyes could see, looking like a mountain range back drop out our bedroom windows. I knew it was worth getting to the beach pronto.

Once again, our internet is painfully slow. It won’t let me upload this morning’s sunrise pictures even one at a time. Also having trouble working on Taco Shop – my amazon store.

Time to take a deep breath and step out on the balcony for a minute. After all, what good does watching the sunrise do if you let the feeling fade away too fast with mundane work frustrations?

Sunrise at 5:40

I just know it’s going to be a great day

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  1. tacogirl December 14, 2008

    Thanks – was a brilliant day for snapping away.

  2. tq December 10, 2008

    WOW! Love those pics!


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