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Quiet San Pedro Sunday

You Tube clip of last night’s boat parade on the way. Still waiting to upload, but I have to head out and meet Shuffles and Mary. We’re are going to go visit Wade the Gringo for a bit – he’s having a sale and I know he’ll have some good stuff to look at.

Mary managed to get one clip up on You Tube. I’m going go hang out with her and Chase at Catamaran beach bar. Also picking up BBQ for our dinner.

Hooray! my boat parade clip finally loaded. I just checked and saw that Shuffles and Chunky Ruth also have their parade posts up too.

Almost forgot… I totaled our spending for the week. I knew we’d jump up over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday spending came to $147.25 including dinner, a few drinks, coffee, snacks, smokes and Sunday barbecue. The grand total for week one was $316.70 BZD for two people; I’m sure that rates on the low side of weekly spending to some people living here. We all know it can expensive here in some respects. Anyone care to comment on what they think they spend in a week?

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