January Farmers Market Truck Stop

Getting Wet and 6 tasty options at January Truck Stop Farmers Market

As January comes to an end, we are getting more than our share of wet weather. Thankfully it is still interspersed with sunny periods and not like the great rains of Fall and Winter 2012. Saturday, the weather Maya God Chaac, deemed it a constant shower day. I watched the Truck Stop Facebook page and they stated during a short sunny patch that the farmers market was happening, rain or shine. Of course right after they said that the skies opened up and drenched the island – many times that day. Including right before we were leaving as you can see in the picture below, my yard had turned into lake taco – my friend Cindy’s joke 😀

Rainfall in Belize

My visiting friend Patrick and I decided we were on a rainy day mission. We wanted to help our friends make some sales. That may sound altruistic however it was just as much a Homer Simpson moment.  Cindy (aka Lunch Box) called it right by saying we’ve got Homer beat on the eating circuit. Since Patrick arrived from the great white north (ok Toronto really) we have been nonstop foodies. We are often talking about our next meal before we finish the one we are eating.

Two of the vendors, Lunch Box, and Pirate Girl Treats have already factored into Patrick’s vacation. We are always awaiting daily for Cindy’s next lunch option text. We also cleared out her freezer stock of Lasagna, Beef Bourginon, Cottage Pie and Goulash. Pirate Girl invited us to dinner one night and sent us home with a yummy treat – delicious chocolate zucchini bread. It was a given that we were going to brave the rain for those two great cooks, plus I knew there would be a few more delicious things to buy. Patrick went for essential oil and soaps first while I started out at Blair’s table.

1. There was only one bag of Juanece’s dark chocolate covered toffee and I was not going to miss out. Of course, both being Virgos we were being methodical circling the tables.

2. Next came Pirate Girl Treats where we met up with the islands most loved Pilates instructor Rose who was also shopping. We bought two sea salt caramel brownies a piece of carrot cake and a small container of cream cheese frosting – mmmmm.

3. We rounded the corner and agreed on a delicious rye at Home Baked Breads and More.

4. Lunch Box table was next in line. Patrick went straight for her yummy fresh made beef jerky. Of course, I agreed we needed 4 packs and even told her if she had leftovers we would take them too – of course she didn’t. The Lunch Box Facebook page is coming soon.

5. After her was the Juice Dive and while I did not buy a juice, I introduced myself and let them know my trainer Sarah had recommended their 3-day juice cleanse. When my Homer-fest with Patrick is finished, it will be time to get back to gluten, dairy and sugar-free for a while. A good juice cleanse will be just the thing to help me rebalance and compliment my workouts. My abs have been taking a hit the 15 days while Patrick is on the island but it is has been well worth it.  Social time came next with Cindy’s mom Cherie and a few others that stopped to chat as we enjoyed a drink. 

6. The last stop was the first table we passed by – Sargent Dukes Texas BBQ. We had to have the brisket to go with our yummy bread. I happened to have some of Cindy’s Pesto too – made for a perfect toasted sandwich.

First Timer Review

While at the market and showing Patrick the pool, gaming area and back dock, he commented on what a cool space it was. I said it definitely fills a void on north Ambergris Caye and asked if he would give a short review for first-time travelers wanting to know where to go. “I had the pleasure of going to the Truck Stop San Pedro Belize. It’s a well thought out designed bar and food place with live entertainment and a beautiful pool bar all tastefully laid out. A cool vibe spot to definitely check it out.” – Patrick Doherty Canadian artist and foodie.

My Two Cents

Thank you again to the Truck Stop (and all my friends that cook) for making such a wonderful monthly shopping option. It is nice for a girl who got passed up on the cooking gene to know she can get all the makings of a gourmet sandwich and of course sweets for later. It makes it damned easy for playing hostess to company 😀

January Farmers Market Truck Stop
January Farmers Market Truck Stop
January Farmers Market Truck Stop
January Farmers Market Truck Stop
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  1. emilys72016 says:

    The Farmers Market is a wonderful new addition to the island. Sure wish it had been there when we lived on AC. My mouth is watering just reading about your foodie scores! 🙂

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