Picking Party at Paradise Villas

Potluck Picking Party at Paradise Villas

Yesterday was one of those classic San Pedro days. Where you are thinking about doing something and having that take you in a completely different direction. For me, it was wanting to show my visiting friend Patrick my friend Jack’s house and garden south of town.

I messaged Jack and told him we were thinking about swinging by his place. He immediately countered that idea with joining him for a potluck picking party at Paradise Villas. Since we still have rental wheels until Saturday, we went to pick him up and did a fast pitstop at Castillo’s Hardware as Jack needed a plumbing part. We parked around the corner from the party and walked in on the beach side of the popular condo complex.

In spite of the skies looking like it was going to pour any minute, it stayed dry and there was a big turnout for the party. I was to see a couple of people I had not seen in a while (Gary & Mel) and met lots of new ones from the Jerry Jeff Walker scene – everyone was so friendly. Although Patrick and I had just eaten bacon mac & cheese for lunch, we could not resist all the yummy food. There were some awesome cooks. We took a foil pack of fresh veggies in mango sauce to go on the barbecue.

After our poolside chow down, the pickers set up a circle in the middle of the condo grounds and started playing.

We got great seating on someone’s golf cart and met a trio of nice Kansas folks. They were down on vacation and landed in the right place at the right time. Before long a delicious Sandbar pizza turned up and we snacked some more while enjoying the music.

All that fun and we were home by 5:00 pm. We laughed that the Jerry Jeff Walker crew out partied us by far. After TV and a short nap, we finished our Friday fun with tacos at La Fonda and a visit to DandE’s Frozen Custard.

Jerry Jeff Walker Picking Party

Picking Party at Paradise Villas

Picking Party at Paradise Villas

Picking Party at Paradise Villas

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