World Class Rock Concert on Ambergris

by tacogirl
South Ambergris Caye

Along with “Are you going to the concert?” The buzz words were “Steve Miller” and “All American Band” were going around. I decided to go thanks to my friend Jack who set me up with an invitation to help promote the show.

Rockin The Caye 2016

A South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch fundraiser, this is a great cause. I know how much for a couple of reasons.

  1. My friend Lara feels like it is an invisible gate of safety in her neighborhood and that says a lot. Their security guys are great.
  2. Patrol Officer Coye was instrumental with a quick response saving a life – a 4 year old child from drowning. To make the story even more incredible it happened days after having taken CPR training with Bandage International under the Belize Red Cross.

The event was held at Mahogany Bay Village Green which is 2 miles south of town. It was the first event of it’s kind (and hopefully many) at this location. Charitable proceeds benefited the South Ambergris Neighborhood Watch. Peter Nolan did an amazing job of putting together the right crew to execute his vision, especially his pick of my friend Jack who is a world-class events manager.

Sponsorship came from Athens Gate, Lola’s Pub, Palapa Bar, Pelican Reef, Mahogany Bay Village, Innovative Signs, Lone Star Grill & Cantina, Island Dream Tours. I know Popular Dentists Mark and Joan also helped with accommodations as did Chez Caribe.


Onto the best part, the band. Led by, Grammy award winner and Hall of Famer, Billy Peterson, Abracadabra definitely gave us strong talent and musical tricks.

With a line up like this, everyone who showed up knew what a treat they were in for.

  • Billy Peterson former bassist for the Steve Miller Band and also known for his work with Bob Dylan.
  • Kenny Lee Lewis, currently lead guitarist for the Steve Miller Band
  • Bobby Vandell, known for his drumming on the world-wide hit, “Funkytown”.
  • Will Peterson (Billy’s son). In addition to being skilled at keyboards, Will is also a strong vocalist and a valued member for Abracadabra, delivering soulful performances of songs by Prince, the band Free, Stevie Wonder and Bad Company.

Abracadabra wasn’t predisposed to playing only Steve Miller “mega hits” which of course the crowd loved. They also played some vintage Cream songs off the Disraeli Gears album. This allowed the veteran members of the band to showcase their individual skills reminiscent of Cream members; Ginger Baker, Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton. As for the younger Will, his tribute to Prince singing Purple Rain was a show stopper and really highlighted his talent.

Not only did the band rock the house and have everyone up and dancing but the musicians were down to earth guys. A few of us hung out for hours after the show talking about how much we enjoyed the event and exchanging stories about our lives. We even got to see pictures of Bobby’s super cool car collection.

What a perfect Saturday afternoon and early evening activity. I passed on the after party at Fido’s and was home eating fried Chicken by 10:00 pm. 😀

Here is a bit more of the back story with some pictures I took that afternoon. I will also add a quick surprise. I know they were trying to keep it a secret, but the word is already out, (I just got a group text) Abracadabra is playing at Palapa Bar tonight for one last rockin good show before they return stateside tomorrow. I’ve already got plans to meet up with several people there and I am sure it will be absolutely packed.

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch

Rockin the Caye world class concert

South Ambergris Caye

Love the drive into Mahogany Bay

I have done large scale event management before and have always enjoyed the pre-show set up. As soon as we arrived I got hooked up at Rum and Bean with an iced coffee and a brownie. My buddy opted for nachos at the Taco Shack.

The sun was blazing so I immediately set us in search of Jacks room to cool down.

Ambergris Caye Belize Mahogany Bay Village Green

Nice big stage on the veranda at Village Green

Abracadabra Live at Mahogany Bay Village Belize

A moment of quiet before Bobby Vandell lit up the place

It is always good fortune when you get a back stage invite and you can pretty much guarantee good things are sure to happen. This time it started with the offer of bringing a plus 1 and was the gift that kept on giving. I had such an amazing experience from start to finish – Thanks to Jack, Peter Nolan Dj DZL, Abracadabra and all my friends playing their part.

Mahogany Bay Villaye Belize

Asked for porch privileges and got a room key

Mahogany Bay Village Ambergris Caye

Having seen the room I was excited for a key – impromptu girl party and avoid the porta potty world

Another reason to we went early was the meet and greet. This was a great opportunity for VIP ticket holders to get to know the band before the show. I enjoyed catching up with a few friends I had not seen in a while.

My plus 1 told me that he had an extended conversation with Billy Peterson who told him about recording with Bob Dylan’s “Blood on the Tracks” album. Billy went into even more detail after my friend told him his favorite song on the album was “Tangled Up In Blue”. He went on to tell the story behind that particular recording – a mind blowing experience for my friend.

 South Ambergris Caye Belize

Meet and greet with Abracadabra

Village Green Mahogany Bay Belize


Mahogany Bay Village South Ambergris Caye

Another great veranda to enjoy

Now for the good bits – hours of dancing in the sand:)

South Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch Fundraiser

Take off your shoes and dance

Village Green Mahogany Bay Belize

Abracadabra Playing Live at Mahogany Bay Village Green

Abracadabra Playing Live at Rockin The Caye 2016


Mahogany Bay Village Ambergris Caye

Mosh pit

Village Green Mahogany Bay

Everyone enjoyed the show and many got up and danced

Mahogany Bay Belize

Peter Nolan giving a speech about the first annual event

Rum and Bean Coffee Shop Ambergris Caye

Rum and Bean set people up with drinks

I will leave you with 2 videos, one montage and one full song. (Please note this was filmed with a point and shoot and the band’s sound quality was miles above my camera.)

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Ken Pittman May 11, 2018 - 7:32 am

I have a touring Bon Jovi tribute out of Boston. We’d love to perform down there. Let me know if you think there’s a venue that would have interest.

tacogirl May 11, 2018 - 7:45 am

Facebook message with Palapa Bar Ken and see if they are interested. They do live music weekly.

SPmQQse June 10, 2016 - 1:51 pm

hopefully…all who paid to see/hear those old musicians…had an enjoyable time…and, felt that it was well worth it.
big up to all who try to assist with the safety of the southern residents…when the police , don’t.


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