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Wine Tasting

Premium Wine and Spirits did a free wine tasting tonight at Pedro’s – I was pre-booked somewhere else, so Rebecca and Paul went to check things out. Here is what Rebecca had to say about the event…

Friday night Wine Tasting at…Pedro’s Inn? Fun crowd last night for the Premium Wines tasting at Pedro’s. We tasted three white wines…and while I’ve always found wine people a bit intimidating, the presentation was pretty simple. Focus on color, smell (or if you want to be fancy…bouquet), and taste. And then pick a wine that tastes good to you. Hmmm…I can do that! The night started out a bit more highbrow but then turned into the usual Friday night at Pedro’s…beer and jagermeisters. Hey…we tried…

Wine tasting

Learning about wine


Good Peter and David


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  1. Apparently it was fun – I had a previous engagement so I did not make it.

  2. who would have thought?? 🙂

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