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Paul entered my blog in the blog choice awards under travel and photography. What a fabulous boyfriend entering my blog in a contest. Please cast your vote and help tacogirl blog get in the game and past one vote.

Links not valid any more so I removed them .

Paul cooked an egg ham cheese dish with the hurricane ham. He was a bit disappointed in his creation. Other than it being a bit salty I thought it tasted fine – for me it was the right night to enjoy breakfast for dinner. Unfortunately if it was a hurricane situation it is quite likely that there would be no toast eggs or melty cheese to go with the ham, unless of course we were camping out with Cindy and Paul again as they happened to win a propane burner at the gift game last Christmas.

I will leave you with some Hot Gossip… Rumor has it that Pedro is planning to open his own airline. I wonder if Air Pedro will be serving up pizza and jagermeisters during the flight.

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  1. tacogirl December 9, 2007

    Thanks for the votes 🙂

  2. gailtor December 9, 2007

    OK I voted but boy oh boy was it ‘complicated’ for me to figure out how to vote!! Oh well done now, so you are on a roll. 🙂


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