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Itemized Billing – Smart

Ten of us met up at Wild Mango’s last night for a bon voyage dinner for Mitch and Sev [they left for playa this morning]. Our meal was fantastic – tacoboy and I went halves on carne asada and bacon wrapped shrimp. We were both in foodie heaven – as was everyone at the table. Some of the other things ordered were… pork loin – shrimp stuffed jalapenos – tequila flamed shrimp – side order of black beans – porl taquitos – ceviche yucateco and tinga poblano de pollo. Drinks ranged from light & dark rum – mohito – lighthouse – belikin – arnold palmers. When they brought us the bill it was itemized with all ten of us numbered individually and our order – made it super easy to figure out what we all owed. That is smart thinking and the first time I have seen a restaurant do that here especially without asking. Price was nice – $511. 00 for 10 of us – 3 appetizers – drinks & dinner. Going for dinner was a good opportunity for Guillermo and Dorry to meet everyone and try DandiE’s after. I was planning to hook up with them at the pimpNho party but good ole San Pedro synchronicity made it happen sooner with Mitch and Sev this morning at Estel’s breakfast so they quickly got on the dinner plan. Pics from hanging out at Caribbean Villas beach the other day with Cori and Mitch and the fire south of town.

4 thoughts on “Itemized Billing – Smart

  1. tacogirl says:

    Checked out the post will have to check out some of those spots next time we are in Playa Remo.I have not tried El Devino mixed ceviche but I love their shrimp quesadilla.

  2. Remo says:

    There was a thread on the playa forums { } about where has the BEST ceviche in Playa del Carmen.

    I told them I was not really impressed with the mixed ceviche there and that El Davino steakhouse has the best mixed ceviche I had as of this date:)



    You ever had the mixed ceviche from El davino? Its awesome!!


  3. Dorry says:

    yay! we made it in the blog 😉

    had so much fun last night – great people, delicious food, AMAZING (addicting) custard…we’ve added it as a necessity in our budget.

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