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When life gives you limes, make lime juice

You are likely familiar with the old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” My Belizean adaptation is “when life gives you limes, make lime juice”, seeing real lemons at the fruit market is a rare and beautiful site. Except for the recent lime shortage. Limes are usually quite plentiful here and lime juice is a very refreshing drink sold at most restaurants.

I have been quiet because I am editing BETEX pics, finishing the opening night party video, and still dealing with MAJOR fallout from loosing a bunch of important files. My tech guy was not able to recover the data for a lot of stuff, and what he did get was no longer organized and just got dumped into a recovery folder, which now contains over 4000 files that need sorting.

This is a good reminder to all, if you have not done so lately – BACK IT UP. It is also a good reminder – be careful what you wish for. I have sometimes found myself quietly wishing I had the guts to delete all my stock pics and start from scratch, but never once did that thought include other important files. After checking my external hard drive and finding out October was the last time I backed up my files – could have been a worse burn for sure. I am going to ask my tech guy about getting myself auto backing up too, if anyone has any good tips on that please share.

Right now life is going 150 miles an hour, and no exaggeration, I could easily keep 10 people busy 8 hours a day at the moment with all the work on my plate. On top of that, Shirlee reminded me the other night at the Casino that we start our journey on Tuesday to visit friends and family in Mexico and Canada. We finally had a minute to start work out of our travel schedule, and we will overnight at 6 different places during our 10 day stay in Canada, and likely 2 in Mexico. On our way to Cancun Surendra Caroline offered to get us in Tulum and that we could do dinner in Playa that night with the rest of our friends and sleep over. We have not worked out our way one yet but I told Paul we need to just get some where we can actually take a break for 2 days and have a rest.

I am finally at a point today where I can unchain myself from my desk. I am heading down to Mata Rocks and Banana Beach Resort to find the Wagners, Cowboy Doug, Monty and a Cranberry Vodka.

I will leave you with a tropical cocktail making tip – use fresh lime juice to make ice cubes, as they melt they give your drinks a nice flavor. Coconut water works great for that too.

lime ade
Lime cocktail drink courtesy of Fine Art America.
metal lime squeezer
I have the same lime squeezer. Courtesy of Dana Made It

One thought on “When life gives you limes, make lime juice

  1. Emily says:

    There has been a lime shortage in the US too, Laurie. I read that it is due to Mexico, where most are grown. I have paid as much as 99c for one lime recently — versus 6 or 8 for $1 last summer! Needless to say, not buying as many limes lately, but sometimes you just have to have ’em, like for Cinco de Mayo margaritas! Sorry to hear about your file loss — I am not as good about backing up as I should be either, but have been lucky. Need to do that SOON. Thanks for the reminder!

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