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What to do When Your Internet Goes Down

We came home from our trip to Belize City Wednesday and our internet was acting sluggish and then cut out completely. Usually I text tacoboy at work and see if Pedro’s Hotel has net, but since he was with me that was not an option. We waited a bit and I decided to call BTL, I and got Karla who was great. I told her I had rebooted router and all but not laptop since the lights were flashing on router an specifically the DLS one so she told me she would call me back in regards to service. She was prompt at getting back to me and said that we were on the morning list to be seen.

I thought about how I wanted to spend my time off aside from cleaning house and hula hooping and decided to go See Dick and Zac before they took the water taxi to the city. Zac is doing weekly tai chi classes there and since First Caribbean Bank is no longer on the island Dick has to go to another district by plane or boat to do teller banking. What a funny place we live 🙂

When I came home I got busy cleaning my desk area, after a while I decided to check in and that meant going to El Divino for internet. I figured I could touch base with a few people and cook dinner at the same time 🙂 We ended up with Shrimp quesadillas and Calamari and I also got in a visit with Cowboy Doug, Chris Cross, Reese an the Kiffmeyers.

As it turns out I ended up having to follow up with BTL by yesterday mid morning and got Deva, she was also very helpful and said that the crew should be there by lunch. It ended up being 1:30 before they arrived. It turns out the whole issue was because we dropped the land-line part of or Belize internet they had to come out an redo the connection a different way. Overall I was pleaed with BTL service and everyone was helpful and nice, my one complaint would be they could have told us this was going to happen in advance instead of leaving us to figure it out on our own.

I will leave some pictures from our Maya flight; it was a fun one. We touched down in Caye Caulker, Philip Goldson and then made our way to Municipal – 3 Belize airports within 1/2 hour – not bad. I was enjoying the view so much I could have just rode the plane all day 🙂

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