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Where to Buy a Cell Phone in San Pedro – a Blog Reader Review

Today’s post comes from one of my blog readers who recently lost her phone, it bounced out of her pocket while driving. Not an uncommon thing here, neither is forgetting you had it in your pocket and ending up in the water 🙂  Not wanting to go the traditional route of shopping online and having a phone muled in from the States or going to Belize City to shop, she decided to try her luck on the island and see what she could find. Here is her account of her shopping experience and the best place she found to buy a phone in San Pedro.

Hi Laurie

Hope this finds all well with you !  I just wanted to update you on the final chapter of my lost phone saga!  As you know, just over a week ago I lost my phone, ugh !  Not a fun thing to do on an island where replacing a phone can be as painful as a root canal!  However, I’ve found the most interesting & helpful place in town.  Everybody said go to Cellular World, ok, so I did.  Wow, I left there without a phone and absolutley no interest in going back in there, I would rather be without a phone. A few days go by & I’m thinking maybe I do need a phone, someone suggested BTL, since I have a plan with them, no luck there, they suggested SMART, but not sure they had anything but prepaids.  Worth a try…….they only have prepaids, but their employee said to try ‘Island Movies’ on Front St. & gave me directions.  My friend was with me & when we left SMART, I said to her….’why of course, why didn’t I think of that?  Everyone shops for phones @ the movie store”  None the less, we found Island Movies & what an experience.  Terry (owner) is an absolute peach!!  She was so helpful, I’m not a phone wizard & need all the help I can get when choosing a phone, she answered all my questions, showed different features and even installed my SIM card (which I probably could have done, but why take that chance :).  She has a nice selection of phones, both SIM card phones and prepaids, reasonable prices, accessories, etc.  Her phones are even charged up so that one can see how they function BEFORE you buy, unlike somewhere else I tried to get a phone. Long story short………… I now have a phone again & an experience that ended well, which sometimes is not the case…….
Cheers……..see you soon


Island Movies has a huge selection of phones and other cool tech stuff. I even saw a net book for comparable pricing to the states. Due to lighting at the time of day when I went to take pics, I did not get as much of the store in as I would have liked as there was a lot of reflection on all the glass cases.

belize shop

Cell phone shopping at Island Movies

shopping in belize
Cell phone shopping at Island Movies


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  1. tacogirl says:

    While in the shop I noticed some slide open qwerty keyboard for $195 bzd Miranda, I am sure they had more basic candy bar style for less.

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