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What the Early Bird Gets in San Pedro

The early bird catches the worm is an old proverb meaning something along the lines of being the first to rise does have its advantages. That holds true here as there are some things on the island like Bacon Egg Johnny cakes from Ruby’s that you have to get there early for or you will not get one.

Early Tuesdays and Thursdays, the San Pedro version of the proverb above would be the early bird gets the fresh milk and cream. If you are willing to be an early bird and set your alarm, you will get the good stuff at $12:00 a gal and the super fresh cream for $2.50 a bag.

After our first trip with a departure time of 4:30 am based on Arne’s recommendation,  Barb and I decided that leaving at 5:00 am would get us to the lagoon in enough time to get milk and Joe came to check it out the second time around. They only had one cooler last week and we both agreed it would not take much for a restaurant or baker to come in and buy them out of stock on one swoop.

Here are 3 reviews on our Belize farm fresh milk.

  1. The Milk was too thick for my ex, reminded him of bad childhood experiences drinking beef cow milk, he became Lala light boxed milk boy since moving to Belize.
  2. Cowboy Doug drank it right out of the jug and said it reminded him of Montana farm days.
  3. Barb had this to say,  “Loved it! Reminds me of the fresh dairies that we used to get fresh milk from in Germany! Creamy, rich and delicious! I made soups with it, pudding and more! I’m in love! Will go back next week!”
san pedro town
This is what 4:30 am looks like in San Pedro.
san pedro belize
A new day starting on the lagoon side of the island.
farmers larket belize
Tuesday morning market on the lagoon.
belize agriculture
Fresh fruits and vegetables from mainland Belize farms.
fresh belize milk
The all-important coolers – our reason for waking up so early.
belize agriculture
Joe getting their milk and cream.
belize sunrise
After the market, we had time to go watch the sunrise.
sun rise view from san pedrito in san pedro belize
Watching the sunrise in San Pedrito.
san pablo belize
Heading back to San Pablo.
san pedro belize
Building progress on the corner where you turn to go to the gas station.
belize baker
In spite of our joyride after the market, we were still too early to catch the Baker but stopped to say hi to Ken anyways.
belize shopping
Barb’s purchases and we split the milk.
farming in belize
Here is what I bought.

4 thoughts on “What the Early Bird Gets in San Pedro

  1. Miranda says:

    I’m assuming that this milk is raw, meaning that it is unpasteurized. I loved when we got unhomogenized milk when I was a kid, visiting my gramma in Wales. But I don’t think Im up for unpasteurized. Also, since I have an autoimmune disease, I guess it would be stupid. I would love some of the cream though…

  2. tacogirl says:

    Hi Kathy, you can find the folks selling veggies early Tues mornings in town on the lagoon side of the Island. Just look for the new Water Taxi terminal building and then hang a right and you will find people selling fresh produce a few docks down.

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