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Galen University Belize Fall 2014 Schedule

Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, Marketing Research Offered at Galen University
By Jonathan Poston

Galen University Belize has released its fall 2014 schedule of classes and among them are Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, and Marketing Research. Both of these classes have real world applications for Belizean professionals who want to engage in business in Belize, whether it’s international or domestic.

Galen University has long been known as an institution of higher education for those in Belize who want to go on to develop themselves further with careers in government, banking, higher education, and other esteemed vocations. Many Galen alumni hold positions within the most respectable organizations, and while “who you know” is indeed important in the world of business networking, at Galen, students learn the specifics on how business can benefit Belize.

In Marketing Research class, Galen students have worked across national borders, collaborating with government-oriented institutions in China and the USA to study international penetration strategies that may ultimately promote Belizean exports to the USA, or China. Marketing research students stay on the cutting edge by understanding how important data science and internet analytics have become in market research, and how understanding trends via data found online can actually increase tourism, product sales, etc. in Belize. Marketing research has never been more useful than in today’s data rich world, it’s just a matter of understanding how to filter the data that counts.

In Chinese Business Partnerships & Economic Development, Galen students have learned about China’s long history, language, business culture, and international business strategies. Students worked with immigration data specialists in Belize to understand how very strong and influential the Chinese business community is in Belize. Galen students didn’t just study Chinese business theory, they went out, and reached across communities to meet respected Chinese business leaders to better understand how they could have a deeper stake in the ongoing businesses run by members of the Chinese community. The progress they made was surprising, and undoubtedly worth the time of taking the course.

For those interested in enrolling in these two courses, or others at Galen University, feel free to download the pdf of their current schedule.

Galen University offers innovative, educational programs at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level in business, arts and sciences, and education. They are committed to providing progressive and inspiring courses, with a focus on sustainable development and overall excellence in education. Enjoy learning at their tropical campus among a dynamic mix of global students and faculty during a semester abroad, a few weeks in the summer, or while earning a full college degree.

Study Abroad in Belize: Studying internationally at Galen University means students will receive personal attention and see life from a whole new perspective. Galen University, offers a wealth of opportunities help you to make a mark, and contribute to sustainable development.

Master of Business Administration: The MBA program is specifically designed for professionals with a minimum of two years working experience, who have completed studies in Business Administration or related fields at the undergraduate level with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B Average). The program brings together working professionals from across Belize and the region, which together with our experienced faculty, create an exciting and challenging classroom environment with real applications to the business world and with relevance to the realities in Belize.

Jonathan Poston serves as a professor of business at Galen University, and directs business development for start-ups, including a recent online accounting launch. You can also Contact Jonathan on LinkedIn.

If you have any school and course questions, please fill out Galen University contact sheet and one of their friendly staff  will be happy assist you.

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Galen Campus Cayo, Belize – Picture courtesy of John Tesecum
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Classroom environment – Picture courtesy of John Tesecum
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Intellectual Discussion at Galen University Picture courtesy of John Tesecum
univerity in belize
Group Shot Galen Central Farm Campus Picture courtesy of John Tesecum
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Outdoor experience at Galen Picture courtesy of John Tesecum


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