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What Island Girls Do on Sundays


It was a gorgeous sunny Sunday and I was pretty sure Jenna would be up for a joyride. You may have seen the first half of the ride in my Iconic Islanders post. The second half led us to Boca Del Rio. Jenna’s pick was Wayo’s for a bite to eat. Although there was heavy sargasso surrounding us as you can see in the featured image above, we thankfully could not smell it. Splitting a shrimp quesadilla and enjoying the view was a perfect chilled out Sunday afternoon activity.

Afterward, it was off to DandE’s for a sweet treat – my favorite Smoothie

I will leave you with a few pics of our road trip from slightly windblown to patiently waiting for smoothies and everything in between, including our yummy meal and a stylish new business building going up in Boca Del Rio.

Island Girls

Island Girls

San Pedro Belize

Sargasso July 2018 San Pedro Belize

Boca Del Rio

San Pedro Belize

San Pedro Restaurants

San Pedro Belize

Best Ice Cream San Pedro Belize

Now you know what island girls do on Sundays 😀


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