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What do you do when you have lost your zsa zsa zsu?

In case you are wondering what the heck it means,  zsa zsa zsu is a term coined by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. She describes it as  it as the butterflies feeling  you get when you meet someone you really really like, can’t stop thinking about them and want to spend time with them. I liked the concept and decided to  apply zsa zsa zsu to that happy loving life feeling which can also give you butterflies. The feeling you get when you are having a really good day, or you  start vacation planning and daydreaming of the day you will be landing on Ambergris Caye once again. Lately there has been way too much heavy stuff happening at one time and yesterday it occurred to me that I have lost my zsa zsa zsu. Aside from the fire and 3 wakes there are 5 personal things affecting my mood that I cannot relay as it would involve giving tmi on other peoples issues. After having spent the past two days sleeping and watching tv, I decided it was time to get my @ss up out of bed and do something to get my zsa zsa zsu feeling back. I grabbed my music player and set out for a walk, nothing like good music and walking to get me in a good mood. I stopped at El Divino for a rum and cranberry, drinking not really my thing and there was no one to talk to at the bar so I moved on down the road to a place I know would make me happy. The Baker, and a $5 sandwich, they are always super friendly there and put good energy into their food. I got my  sandwich and decided to walk as far as the gas  station turn around and head for home to eat it. Good timing as the skeeters came out in full force by the time I reached Marina’s area. My short walk was just enough to perk me up a bit and I was glad to be heading back to tv, especially since Paul was bringing home a Big flat screen on loan from Pedro’s Hotel. The color blew out on our living room one and it is time to start shopping for a new one. I have always said living in Belize is better than Prozac, below are a few pics I pulled  from a few of the many special places we have been that give me that zsa zsa zsu feeling. This first one is the Sandbar on the west side of the island. I can still remember the ‘we have just landed in a travel magazine feeling’ that came with discovering this hidden gem. As pretty as it is, my picture does not even do it justice, the shallow area stretches out for ever and when I took the pic I was about 30 feet away from the shoreline and no deeper than mid calf. We have had some great times here and I am patiently waiting for Dick to get his new boat so we can take this adventure again – noting like a potluck picnic at the  sandbar.

beaches in belize
Sandbar on the west side of the island

These next  2 pics are from the time Cindy and I went to Royal Belize which is a short boat ride off the coast of Dangriga. Talk about the ultimate happy pill 🙂 Imagine having a gorgeous private island all to yourselves with an amazing host serving you delicious food and drinks. Needless to say  we had an amazing time and I am totally ready to go back for another visit. This place is so fabulous it made number two on the  CNN Freedom! 10 trips without the kids list – Congratulations Peter and Royal  Belize you earned it.

private island in belize
Royal Belize private island
royal belize
Royal Belize

Back to Ambergris and our slice of heaven 15 miles north where we go camping. There is nothing like waking up in a tent on the beach in the tropics. As I look back  over the pictures, I am so ready to go camping again, especially now that we have our own tent and I found out that  Jeff and Vivienne fromRojo Lounge beach bar own a deluxe 10 person tent. Who is ready for an island style camping trip?

belize camping
Camping 15 miles north on Ambergris Caye
camping belize
Imagine waking up to this view from your tent
caribbean sea belize
The water was stunning and we all felt on top of the world while enjoying our camping adventure
bacalar chiico belize
Camping in Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve area is amazing

Of course good food always makes this girl happy and as usual we were ready to handle a famine on our Bacalar Chico camping trip.

camping in belize
Lamb chops and sausages on the barbecue
belize food
Beef and vegetable Shish Kabobs

I will leave you with the following question, what or who gives you zsa zsa zsu?  

2 thoughts on “What do you do when you have lost your zsa zsa zsu?

  1. Charlotte says:

    I love this SITC episode. It’s one of my faves. I lost my zsa zsa zsu in Cancun many times when I lived there during rainy season and the torrential downpours that lasted for days. But then the sun would shine and the skies would clear, and I’d get it back pretty fast while lying on the beach. Oh yes, and food always help!

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