dress shopping in belize

Dress shopping and getting pampered

Yesterday I told Dick in our morning chat that I needed to go fuel my dress addiction, I decided I wanted something different to wear to a special lunch today.

Nothing like a bit of shopping followed by salon and late lunch to help me keep my zsa zsa zsu up.

I met Mary and Cindy at the Fitness Club pool and we headed off to 3 of my favorite second hand shops on the island. When you live in San Pedro second hand shopping is a part of life you either have to get used to if you want something new or you need to plan out of country shopping trips or have stuff muled in. I have found some great stuff, often brand names like Old Navy, Gap, Ann Taylor to name a few  and all for $12 bzd or less.

Cindy ended up finding the most stuff,which was good, as she was in need of some new clothes having struck out shopping on her recent trip to Europe. I ended up with a couple of things but not the dress I was looking for, Mary was there for the ride and to play Stacy and  Clinton from  What not to Wear telling us what we should buy and what we needed to walk away from.

After the girls headed south I decided to hit Top Notch, one of the few new clothing stores found a nice cotton striped t-shirt dress, they often get stuff in from the states. I had just enough time to hit the bank and make it to CG Esthetic for my 2pm appointment. A color, cut and scalp massage always makes a girl feel great.

After the salon, I decided go to say hi to Dennis and enjoy a late lunch at Island Buzz Cafe also in Fairedale plaza. Michael happened to be there as well so I sat at his table and showed me some of his latest underwater videos. Dennis was the host with the most, he made me an iced coffee frape the best huevos rancheros.

belize shopping
First stop Pina’s
dress shopping in belize
Lots of party dresses by Mary1220
belize shopping
Cindy and Mary at Pina’s
second hand shopping in belize
Tops galore
belize shopping
Second hand shop number two by Mary1220
shopping in belize
Armando’s Amaya’s Quality Clothing by Mary1220
shopping in belize
Cindy trying on a red dress by Mary1220
second hand shopping in belize
Last stop Green store by Mary1220
 san pedro belize shopping
Large selection all one of a kind at the green store by Mary1220

After spending a couple of hours with Carole and Cathie working on me, I was pretty blissed out. While she was doing my hair, I mentioned to Carole that I was looking for something new to try and she recommended macadamia nut oil for both hair and skin. It is light, non-greasy and it is easily absorbs. Macadamia oil contains proteins, and vitamin E making it a great hair and skin treatment. Since I just started using it, my verdict is still out on results. I can definitely say I like how it feels, and it is a nice change from my old faithful Glorious Belize cold pressed coconut oil which I still love and will never completely cut out of my health and beauty routine.

belize beauty salon
Carole and Cathie at CG Esthetic

Next came Island Buzz Cafe and Food – Yum. Of course I had to order huevos rancheos so I could facebook it to our friend Dennis [also the cooks name]. He stayed with us for 3 months last winter and this was one of his favorite meals from Island Buzz.

resuaraunts in belize
Island Buzz Cafe
belize restaurants
Dennis cooking my food
restuaruants in belize
Huevos Rancheros were delicious

I had totally planned to get this blog post up before going to a private lunch at Pedro’s but there was so much going on this morning and before I knew it  Mary was at the door to pick me up. Of course lunch lasted 5 hours and I knew as we were sitting around the table talking that I was running the risk of not finishing it tonight. Somehow I managed to make it home and myself get back to work.

pedros hotel
Tinker was on the guest list of course
pedro's pizza
There were about 25 of us for a nice buffet style sit down lunch
pedro's pizza at pedro's hotel
Private lunch at Pedro’s
lunch at pedros pizza
Lamb, Chicken, roast potatoes, stuffing and assorted veggies

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