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What a night

What a night – Deluscious lobsterfest booth was so much fun. We rocked best booth – thanks for your votes. People were enjoying Cindy’s curry lobster and shrimp cocktail – the 2 Pauls could not serve it up fast enough. Miss Sharon was on bar mixing up plenty of San Pedro sunrise and bikini bottoms for the crowd and Tq was meeting and greeting in style. Tq and I were also both runners and went back and forth for things like extra grenadine, sprite and salt.

Shout outs – Beth we missed you – Desi so glad you stayed for the party – and to everyone who helped out in some way dropped by Deluscious booth to say hi. Will name a few more names later when we have time to make a list lol.

Hung out with Tq at the airport this morning – she forgot to pre-book and could not get on the 9 am flight. Hope she did not get stuck at Belize City Airport for long.

10:30 am
Just made plans to meet the brat pack for lunch. After last night I can’t believe I am up and mobile lol. To many San Pedro Sunrises -4 – left me not doing so well on the way home lucky I had my spray bottle with me for emergency clean up – tacoboy was laughing at that one. After we got home, he sat and talked with me through my head spins till I fell asleep.

Feeling slow as a snail right now ha ha.

Side note: Forrest brought it to my attention Playa Lounge is doing a Cuban pig roast today(Sunday). Jorge will be cooking up the pig around 10 am and serving it up around 2 pm.

Checking out our booth space

Tackle Box – by tacoboy

Playa Lounge booth – by tacoboy

by tacoboy

by tacoboy

by tacoboy

by tacoboy

by tacoboy

by tacoboy

Deluscious was busy all night

Marilyn popped by for a visit


Cakelee visiting Deluscious


Lounging on front street

Miss Tina

Lyrical King

Lots of people

Lot’s of fun


Walter at Pedro’s beer booth

Tq and Melody

Hanging out at Deluscious


Cakelee and her crew

Dick and Carole

Desi Tq and Pedro

Walter and lobsters

Video Paul aka Paul h

Sailing Women – please remember to email and take lots of pics for us

4 thoughts on “What a night

  1. tacogirl says:

    Cancuncanuck – the pain is not so bad but boy am I slow as a snail lol.

    Thanks Susan – the lobsters were fabulous, thanks so much for getting them to Houston for us.

    Tq we were so glad you came.

  2. travelqueen says:

    I’m so glad I was able to make it! Was so much fun and you did such a great job with your planning, as usual!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a fun event you had!! Congratulations on winning the best booth award!! Glad the Inflatable Lobsters made it in time! Regards from Philadelphia…while on vacation in Miami Beach!!!

  4. CancunCanuck says:

    Wow, sounds like a fantastic event, wish I could have been there!

    Hope you are feeling better, I’m guessing today’s pain was worth last night’s pleasure.

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