Back to real world… sort of

We did not set the alarm as planned for 5:30 am and go for a walk on the beach as planned this morning. – still recovering from lobsterfest.

It is an exciting day – I am meeting Travis from Curent tv this morning at Estel’s and then we are heading to the school so he can meet the H.C. crew and work on a story. Paul asked me to go to perk first then I could go to Estel’s but we are way to slow for that lol so I said let’s reverse that idea he can come meet Travis and then go to perk while Travis and I breakfast and then head to the school.

Visit to the school was productive. Travis had a great tour of the school and San Mateo area.

So much has gone on there in the second year. 22 students just had graduation Sunday – our Valedictorian was a boy who was heading down the wrong path and was able to get turned around and headed in a better direction.

There is a scholarship program in place and the top students will be offered scholarships so they can continue their education – in exchange, the students will work Saturdays at the school to help give back to their community and learn life skills. If you would like to know more about this please email me from profile.

The school does not agree with corporal punishment and chooses to teach the kids in a different way why it is important to be able to follow some rules and guidelines. When the boys don’t tuck in their shirts they are made to wear a jumper for the day so there are no shirt tails to be tucked. This method has worked very well in solving the problem quickly and easily – so have sit ups and push ups. One student recently told Vernon how he learned how to control his anger in new ways as a result of going to Holy Cross.

The Police have asked the school to work on building a counseling center for abused women and children. The school is also planning to operate a basic clinic that will benefit people of the area.

The dental clinic is looking great. All the kids have been seen at least once and more if needed. The school has noticed an increase in health and well being of the kids as a result. Miss Francis said there is also been an increase in height and weight of the kids due to the feeding program. The kids are growing at a more normal rate and although some are still on the low end of the scale, they are continuing to show improvement.

To see more pics please go to Holy Cross School blog

With all the commotion of Lobsterfest I almost forgot to post my other exciting news. The other day I got this email from Michele in Playa…

Hi, Tacogirl

Michele Kinnon suggests you follow the following URL:

Looky what I found!!!

6:50 pm woke up from a decent nap due to a power out. Travis just called to meet up and I suggested BC’s as it is close. I called video Paul and he said to grab some food and drinks and come for a bbq. I popped Carole on the coconut phone and asked her to join us off to get ready now. We will meet Travis and see if he is in the mood to be hijacked ha ha.

Dental equipment

Toothbrushes and ziplocs very useful donation

Dental Lab

Learning about the school and neighborhood

Computer Lab almost done


Sitting outside

Lunch break


Big grin

Future businesswoman

Smart kids


Special Ed crew

Watching Shrek

Aids awareness poster contest

Holy Cross takes first prize

Walking back through town – carnival starts Thursday night

4 thoughts on “Back to real world… sort of

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks all.

    Cancuncanuck almost back to normal.

    Cool Ginger.

    Wayne I hear you it is already happening I think, other wise they would not have found me for article. This is why the big push for recycling and going green to keep up with the development here.

  2. wayne says:

    Nice article. Be careful what you wish for…telling everybody how great Ambergris is. Look what happened to Isla when everybody found out! Gone are the quaint little island days.

  3. Ginger says:

    I get Islands magazine and read that article last night. Was going to send you the link but was too slow on the keyboard!

  4. CancunCanuck says:

    Hey, good press TacoGirl, congrats!

    Still suffering from Lobsterfest? That must have been some party!

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