San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Wet Willys

Had a great day got some important paperwork dealt with.

We are off to Wet Willy’s now for Friday buffet and live music.

Stay tuned for more….

Wet Willy’s was great as always. Lots of friends there good food and the band was rockin. I played poker dice with Stacy, Simon and Jim when he was done for the night. Paul was chatting with Nancy and Rick. We stayed a bit later than usual and decided to walk through Fidos on the way home and ran into Stacy and Sam so we stopped for a few min. Then off to the park to have a snack before home. Had to make a pit stop at rocks to get some milk for our morning iced coffee and still made it home by 10 pm. (I am not drinking it has been 34 days pretty good considering all the bars we go to. Paul still has an occasional beer)

Here are some pictures of a few things we saw along the way to Wet Willy’s

Paul and Manatee

Cemetery by the beach

Heading down the dock to Wet Willys

Gino and Jim

Playing poker dice

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